We’re all bored by this official stuff, but hey, gotta have some sort of idea what you’re getting into when you buy something, right?

And since I always try to keep things as simple as possible, let’s keep this straightforward as well.

These are my, pretty simple, terms:

1 Who’s who

You’re the client or customer.

And I’m the service provider / content creator / person who delivers you the thing you bought from me.

2 What’s what

Whatever you buy from me, we’ll call that the service or the program.

3 Your account / login details

When you purchase one of my programs, you receive log-in details and a password to log in to your materials (the content of whatever program you purchase.)

You’re not allowed to share those details with anyone else.

If your friend wants to see what this great program is all about, she has to make her own purchase, OK?

You purchase something, it’s meant for YOUR eyes only.

4 Copyright

All materials are mine. You can use them for your own benefit, but you’re NOT allowed to:

Share them with others / sell them to others / copy it and sell it as your own stuff / you know, basically do anything other with it than simply go through the program/services yourself without sharing any of it with others in any way.

Also, you can’t use any content anywhere on my website as your own; use any of my graphics or logos or titles or anything else that’s clearly mine.

We all know exactly what’s yours and what’s mine, right? Common sense, really. No need to specify that further. If you’re an asshole who wants to find a loophole, you’ll find it. But you’re not an asshole, right? And neither am I.

5 Payments

If you’re on a payment plan, you’re required to make all payments.

If you don’t make all payments, you’ll be removed from the program and no longer have access to any of the content/materials.

If an online forum is part of the program, you’ll be removed from that, too.

6 Refunds

I don’t do refunds, unless otherwise stated on the sales page.

I always strive to be as thorough, honest & complete as I can be in describing what you get and how that might benefit you if you actually use what you get.

And I always deliver what I promise.

If for some reason I don’t, and/or you feel you have a different reason why it’s totally reasonable you should get your money back?

Send an email to team[at]brigittevantuijl.com and let me know what’s going on and why you feel you’re entitled to get your money back.

And we’ll have a conversation about it like the normal, well-behaved adults we are.

If you’re on the fence about one of my programs would be a good fit for you or not, send an email to team[at]brigittevantuijl.com and ask any questions you have to help you make the best decision. 

(In general, though, you deep down know whether or not something is right for you. Always listen to your inner guidance—and of course feel free to email me if that’s what your intuition tells you.)

I think that’s all the terms we need, right?

And if you’re still here and read all the way through:


You’re one of the 1.5% of people who actually READ the terms and conditions before agreeing to them 🙂

(I totally made that percentage up, by the way.)

Enjoy the program or service you’ve purchased, and if an online forum and/or live calls are part of it:

I’d love to see and support you there!


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