Put Yourself First, Baby!

“It felt scary to invest so much in myself at first, but it was immediately worth it. Brigitte helped me lift my business to a whole new level.”

“I hired Brigitte to help me grow my business faster and with more ease. It felt scary to invest so much in myself at first, but it was worth it immediately. Our first session gave me so many insights to uplevel my business instantly!

Brigitte’s coaching is about much more than your business. I grew so much, too, without struggle, by becoming more and more true to myself.

I have the courage to ask higher prices that feel right for me. I gained so much self-confidence. Brigitte helped me lift my business to a whole new level.

Working with her is uplifting. I felt like she had my back the entire time we worked together. I could ask her anything and she was always there for me.

If you feel that it’s right for you to work with her I only have one thing to say to you: Go for it!”

Simone Brockhuis, feelyourmind . nl

“I feel space and clarity again!”

“I came to Brigitte because I felt stuck in some areas in my business and life.

Her VIP 1-1 Breakthrough Package triggered my curiosity, and because I followed her already and read some of her books, I immediately felt she was the right person to help me out.

The minute I booked the session and started filling in the questionnaire, things already started shifting in me.

I was a little nervous before the session started because I knew it was going to go deep and would probably shake things up.

But my concerns were totally unnecessary. Brigitte made me feel completely at ease. It was very safe to open up and I love her down to earth approach. She is sharp, pure, professional and has a great sense of humor.

I feel space and clarity again and already within days after our call I made some good and heartfelt changes in my business and in myself. I would definitely recommend her to other entrepreneurs who feel stuck somehow, because she has the gift to see your core essence, and to help you see and feel this as well.

Thank you Brigitte!”

Carro Lenselink, carro . nl

“The 1-1 coaching is deeply transformational and life-changing, and worth every cent of my investment – and more! it’s truly priceless!”

“My business didn’t thrive, and the work I was doing didn’t make me happy.

And I wasn’t very happy in general, really – I often felt empty or bored.

I’d been trying to break through that, even with the help of other coaches, for about 8 years.

But nothing worked.

Until I started to work with Brigitte.

My life changed completely in the first 6 months of our coaching:

I found inner peace; I love my work more; I rarely feel bored; I now love life and myself; and my inner critic is so much quieter.

I live from more and more from my soul, and recently my business is shifting into a form that truly fits and serves me.

I have more energy, more free time, and I am happier overall.

Everything is so much better now.

And it only gets better and better!

It’s truly wonderful to work with Brigitte. She’s loving, wise, honest, and completely tuned in to my truth and my soul.

She sees my full potential and brilliance, and helps me expand into that all the time.

I know that even more is possible for me, and that’s why I signed up for another round of coaching with her.

The coaching is deeply transformational and life-changing, and worth every cent of my investment – and more! 
It’s truly priceless.

Thank you, Brigitte!!

Petra Jungblut, jungblutcreatie.nl

I recently felt drawn to buy Brigitte’s Marketing From Soul Master Class, which surprised me because I’m up to my eyes in marketing advice and wasn’t sure I could stomach much more!

But… I was absolutely delighted that I went with the feeling. The course is short and easy to digest. It cuts through all the logistical stuff around marketing which you hear from every marketing guru out there, and it gets straight to the heart of what will work for you as an individual.

The meditation that comes with it is absolute gold and I’ve listened to it many times now.  I am very aware that my personal relationship with marketing has needed a bit of cleaning up and this course definitely set me on the path to do that. I find it challenging to stay in alignment when I connect to social media and business platforms. I guess that’s partly the result of living in the traditional business mindset for so long.

Hearing Brigitte articulate how to do things soulfully is very inspiring and also affirming because we know inside that this is the way to take action.

I would highly encourage anyone setting up their own business to do this course.  It’s so on point energetically that it gave me goose bumps. I’m very pleased that I discovered Brigitte’s work!”

Kate Healey, katehealeyhappy.com

“A Breakthrough Session is an amazing investment in yourself and your business!

“My Breakthrough Session was fantastic! It felt safe and warm, and I was amazed at how quickly and effortlessly we got to the core of my question.

I booked the session to help me move forward in my business, and to transform the obstacles and blocks I experience. And that’s what I received! Brigitte’s intuitive insights and advice were exactly what I needed. They were very powerful and deeply true.

Brigitte is extremely gifted, and I enjoyed our session so much. It was deep and meaningful and has helped me a lot.

If you think about booking a Breakthrough Session, too: do it! It helps you move forward and it’s so empowering. It’s an amazing investment in yourself and your business.”

Thank you, Brigitte!!

Marieke Kamerbeek

“I quit my career coaching business and made a big step in bringing my spiritual work into the world.”

“Before I started working with Brigitte, I pulled a card with a message for the coaching. The message I received was: Choose to expand.

And that’s exactly what happened. I’ve grown. Experience more space. So much has shifted in me. I feel different, and you can see a difference on the outside as well:

I quit my career coaching business and made a big step in bringing my spiritual work into the world.

But above all, I learned to listen to my soul, said YES to her, and follow the flow of life with so much more faith.

Thank you so much, Brigitte, for your wonderful support; great questions; reminding me of my desires; helping me see my patterns; showing me options; making & keeping things simple; and getting to the core and the essence of everything.”

Hanneke van Stigt Thans, www.soulenergy.online

“I am living a completely different life now.”

Brigitte has more spiritual charisma than any other coach I have ever encountered. It is a gift from her soul and she has embraced it fully. I believe she selected me for coaching just as much as I selected her.
While being very loving and kind, Brigitte cuts straight through any BS, blocks, and excuses. She is amazingly intuitive and can call on her guidance to nudge you along your path in addition to relying on her training and experience.

I thought — oh how naive! — that I only needed a little coaching, a few tweaks here and there. Well, I am living a completely different life now. And it keeps growing and evolving. Brigitte has helped me step into a new reality of magnificent and endless possibility, love and beauty.

Lyerka Miller

Some call Brigitte the best coach  of The Netherlands

“I have my own business for several years now, and my business was settled and doing well.

But I noticed a feeling of restlessness. I wanted to reach more people and grow, but something was stopping me. And I couldn’t figure out what it was. That’s why I decided to work 1-1 with Brigitte. I heard a lot of good things about her. Some even call her the best coach of The Netherlands! That sounded so good that I decided to take the leap to hire her. And I’m happy I did! Brigitte and I clarified how I can structure my business so I can serve more people in a way that fits me. We also uncovered what was stopping me. The reason was very surprising, and I learned how to deal with it so it’s not holding me back anymore. I recently launched my new program, and that went much better than I expected! A lot of people signed up, which is fantastic!

I’m curious to see what will happen next.

But whatever happens, I will always remember what Brigitte taught me about manifesting your desires in real and practical ways.

That’s a skill that will serve me for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Brigitte!!”

Marloes Bouwmeester, desuccesvolleintrovert.nl

“The gift of presence is rare, and Brigitte has the gift.”

When Brigitte invited me to be a podcast guest, I was not expecting to have the kind of experience that I did. I’ve been interviewed so many times and so many of them give off the vibe that they’re just getting through it. They’ve got their laundry list of questions, you’re just the next person they interview.

This was NOT the feeling I felt with Brigitte. It was more like an energetic recalibration than an interview. I felt seen, heard and acknowledged and left our time together on cloud 9.

The gift of presence is rare, and Brigitte has the gift.

Erika Lyremark

“She’s brilliant, intuitive, straight-forward, incredibly supportive and detailed”

When my program attracted hundreds of new clients, I was forced to bring on another coach to help…I prayed to find a coach masterful enough for me to trust with my tribe. Then I thought of Brigitte…and she said YES! (Thank God!)

My people had HUGE breakthroughs with her guidance. The best miracle was that they loved her as much as me! (Maybe even more.) She’s brilliant, intuitive, straight-forward, incredibly supportive and detailed. It was the best decision I ever made!

Jeanna Gabellini – masterpeacecoaching.com

“I’ve created my new business model aligned with who I am”

“What I love about working with Brigitte, is the space she creates for you. You can be 100% yourself and if you feel lost or stuck, she asks the right questions to get you on track again. With Brigitte, I’ve created my new business model, completely in line with who I am today as a woman, mother, wife and leader. I cannot thank you enough!”

Monica Job, moishajob . com

“I doubled my income within a month!”

“I decided to work with Brigitte 1-1 because I felt ready to step up my game, and grow my business to the next level.

And I deeply felt that she was the perfect coach to help me with that.

I got great results from the coaching very quickly after we started working together;

I doubled my income within a month.

And I gained so much confidence that I really can get where I want to be as a result of being fully aligned with who I am and what I want.

Brigitte always feels if my actions and ideas are truly aligned with me, or not.

And she gives me so much faith in myself: I now really trust that I have everything inside me to reach all my goals.

Another thing I deeply appreciate is that I can email her as often as I want in between our coaching calls.

Every time I send her an email she makes me feel like I’m the only client she has. She dives in deep into everything I say, and asks the best questions.

I always feel treated like a VIP.

And I love how Brigitte believes in me, my message and my purpose for 100%. I feel fully and completely supported. And I love that she has big dreams and goals for her own business as well!

On top of all that, Brigitte is also strategically very strong.

She knows exactly which practical steps to take when, and always gives me great tips to make the most of my marketing. All in my own, aligned way, of course.

I learned so much and got such great value from working with her for the first time, that it was a no-brainer to continue our coaching.

I know there’s still so much I can learn from her, and I don’t want to miss that.

I’m so happy to continue to work with her!”

Maartje Koper, Money Mindset & Law of Attraction coach, maartjekoper.nl and manifestmagically.com


I worked with Brigitte in 2012 with great success, so when I looked for a business coach this year I came back to her. I explored some other options, too, but no one can do what she does: she can support you in deep emotional processes and shifts; is there for you every step of the way and always challenges you to be even more true to yourself and do business in your own way. She’s sensitive, funny, resolute, intelligent, honest, brave, real, and walks her talk.

But most importantly: I get amazing results when I work with her! Over the past 6 months, she helped me clear EVERYTHING in my business & life that wasn’t a good fit for so I could create a business that’s 100% perfect for ME.

I started the first round of my HERO training and am about to start round two; changed my premium group program to a 1-1 program; started working online; improved my business structure; do what I love (including in my marketing) AND I attract more clients!

I’m taking a short break to implement everything I learned from working with her and will hire her again soon. Brigitte is my go-to coach, no doubt about it!

Carolien Oosterhoff
Heartpepper . nl / tantra-therapie

“I turned my Dutch business into a global business much quicker than I thought.”

“When I quit my job to become a full time entrepreneur, I quickly realized it would take me forever to get my business off the ground if I didn’t get help.

Sure, I learned a lot about marketing & business in several different programs before, but I wanted to implement that in my own way, and build a business that’s 100% aligned with ME.

That, plus having the desire to work globally instead of in the Netherlands only (something Brigitte already successfully accomplished) is why I chose to work with her 1-1.

Working with Brigitte helped me in so many different ways:

  • I fully embraced my calling as a spiritual teacher (without Brigitte, I’m sure it would have taken me YEARS to do that);
  • I turned my Dutch business into a global business much quicker than I thought;
  • I stopped keeping myself busy from 9-5 and started working from inspiration & joy instead;
  • I made myself MUCH more visible; and
  • Learned what it really means to do business in a way that’s completely aligned with who I truly am, my purpose, and what I most love to do.
    (And learned to stop doing everything else.)

I took a lot of big steps, much faster than I thought I would.

I feel so much more free, and enjoy running my business again!

Brigitte has a real & rare talent to get to the core of your issues super fast.

She just KNOWS what’s important to focus on and bring to light – including things that are hidden deep under the surface, and you’re not even consciously aware of yourself yet.

If you’re looking for cookie-cutter steps & advice to grow your business: go find another business coach.

But if you’re looking for an exceptional coach who helps you grow your soul-based business, in 100% alignment with your calling, personality, and your own way of doing things: go to Brigitte! “

Karin Bosveld, Spiritual teacher & life coach, author, karinbosveld.com

“It’s easier to attract new clients now!”

“I was working way too hard, and I didn’t have a clear focus.

Those were recurring issues throughout my career.

I wanted to change that so I had more time for my social life, myself, and to grow and develop my business.

Brigitte taught me to make choices based on how I want to feel, and to trust my heart and my instinct.

I listen to my body and the universe now.

This makes it so much easier to focus on what truly matters to me.

I’m passionate about my work again, and my enthusiasm has a positive effect on my results, too: it’s easier to attract new clients now!

I’m making clear decisions, and the balance between my business and my personal life has greatly improved.

I’m more creative. New doors are opening as a result.

And I know that the changes I’ve made will continue to bring more positive results.

Brigitte gets to the core of any issue fast, and always knows how to break through any difficulty with clarity and humor.

She made me feel safe, and helped me to be completely honest with myself.

She never let me hide behind any excuses or seemingly rational answers.

And she helped me be true to myself in the important steps I took.

Thank you, Brigitte!”

Patricia Braat, bteken.nl

No more working my ass off!

The Business Magic program feels really magical. It makes life and business so much easier and more fun.
I am now experiencing the space I was so desperately looking for. No more ‘working my ass off’, but peacefully creating stuff with my inner guidance.

Elske Hoen, art therapist, vitaalkunst.nl

Some days things unfold like magic, and I love it.

Many areas of my life felt very easygoing, but business definitely was NOT one of those! I’ve been struggling and working too hard for years, and I just didn’t know how to stop that. Learning the steps of how to co-create with the Universe made a huge difference:

I learned to work on my intentions first and then let it unfold by doing what I feel inspired to do.
I also learned to keep an eye on the way it’s unfolding, and to stop when it feels like a struggle.
I feel much more ease and flow now. Some days things unfold like magic, and I love it.

Thanks to Brigitte’s profound and comprehensive course Business Magic I finally understand the steps and pitfalls of co-creating with the Universe, and I’m deeply grateful for it. If you’re on the fence if Business Magic is for you my recommendation is: Go get it!”

Beate Schneeberg, www.schwerelos-coach.ch

Working with Brigitte helped me reconnect to everything that really matters to me

Somehow I lost touch with my drive and my passion. I was struggling and unhappy, despite working on all kinds of projects that contribute to a more sustainable world. Other marketing and business coaches told me to focus on my client’s problems instead of focusing on making a positive difference in the world. When I look back, I see how I slowly started losing my flow many years ago, when I first learned about marketing. That was very important and taught me a lot of good things. But it also put me in a serious business-mode, which made me over think every single thing I did. I lost the connection with my vision, drive, passion, fun and myself.

Working with Brigitte helped me reconnect to everything that really matters to me. I feel inspired and in the flow again. I learned how to fulfill my mission in business in MY own way, the Else-way. I’m more relaxed, and I’m actually doing the things I’ve been dreaming of for so long. New opportunities are coming my way. I’m doing what I love again, and learned to set priorities based on what’s good for me AND has the biggest impact. Working on my business puts a smile on my face and inspires me now. It makes me happy instead of feeling stressed out.

Brigitte has been a great coach and role model for me. She’s deeply driven to make a difference, but never at her own expense. She models how to take care of clients AND herself like no one I know. Brigitte is 100% committed to helping you be the best you can be, on your own terms, in a way that’s best for you.
If you are truly committed to make changes in your business, you should go to Brigitte too. It makes a world of difference in your business and life.

Else Boutkan, www.wavesofchange.nl

Praise for ‘Success On Your Terms’

My schedule was incredibly full, I lost my sense of freedom which made me feel restless. Thanks to Brigitte’s program Success On YOUR Terms, I now created my ideal business that is a perfect match for me: I changed my business model, uncovered how I most love to work (and created a schedule to support that); chose to work with my ideal clients only AND made significantly more money. I created rest in my schedule and my mind, and it feels great!

Sabine van Meenen, business coach, sabinevanmeenen.be

The results of the VIP-coaching completely astounded me!

“I asked Brigitte to coach me individually because I wanted to get rid of the barriers & limitations that kept me from fulfilling my life mission in my business. And the results I got completely astounded me!
Brigitte has the gift to sense exactly which approach you need to attain your goal. She really challenged and understood me, which helped me take big leaps in my development.

Her approach is strongly intuitive, her observations are spot on and she was able to maintain a laser-focus on the process I was going through. As a result of this profound inner work the foundation of my already successful business has been strengthened further. This allows me to work with less effort with the clients and organizations that are a perfect match for me and my work.

I am now able to bring my mission as an expert on intuition fully into the world.

The investment for this VIP-coaching program is definitely worth it!”

Francine Derks, www.werkenmetintuitie.com

That feeling of fulfillment is priceless

Before I worked with Brigitte I was stuck. I thought I knew exactly where I was headed and even put the strategy in place, but it wasn’t working somehow. Being stuck sucks.

I have worked with Brigitte several times and so much has happened every time.

I transformed my business from a Dutch practice into a global business, reached 1000’s of new ideal clients and took huge steps that no one ever took before me. I can finally see myself as a world-class business owner. The feeling of fulfillment this gives, is priceless and I am grateful that I had Brigitte to support me, guide me and empower me to follow through on my dream.

I am not coachable by every one, often times not even by a very good coach. I’m a person who needs an awesome coach who keeps me on my track and who is sharp enough to sense when I am derailing or not true to myself. Brigitte is not just a coach, she is not even just a very good coach… She is an awesome coach who has the unparalleled quality of creating breakthrough after breakthrough.

I don’t know any other coach who can do that so fast and hitting the mark every single time.

Should you want to manifest the business of your dreams and still have doubts to invest in yourself to be coached by Brigitte, than that is exactly THE reason to work with her rather sooner than later. Be ready to surprise yourself!

Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen, Mentor to experts that wish to build an inspired big business, easy-influence.com

I feel more confident, and charge more for my services.

Before I worked with Brigitte, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make money with what I love doing most. 

I didn’t go for what I truly wanted. 

And often got distracted by how you’re ‘supposed’ to do business. Even though most of those ‘rules’ don’t work for me.

Thanks to working with Brigitte, I now AM only doing what I most love to do: combining humor & transformation in workshops and other projects.

And it’s paying off big time: I’m attracting more clients, and sent out 4 new proposals last week!

I feel more confident, and charge more for my services. 

I’ve learned to deal with my inner critic, my fears and my doubts. They’re not stopping me anymore!

This will continue to support me in growing my business and creating new and fun projects.

Brigitte is loving AND not afraid to be confrontational when necessary.

She’s super spiritual AND super practical (and curses too 😉 

And she has a great sense of humor, which is very important to me.

It was special and healing to work with her. My inner obstacles disappeared, I feel empowered, and Brigitte helped me take the steps I was afraid to take before.

Thank you, Brigitte!

Marleen Bekker, marleenbekker.com

I’m now able charge prices I never dreamed of asking. Which feels great!

“I lacked focus in my business. I wanted to do everything. And I wasn’t giving it my all. On the contrary: I was holding back. I’d been struggling with that for about 6 months, when I decided to work with Brigitte. And I’m glad I did!

As a result of Brigitte’s coaching, I’m now able charge prices I never dreamed of asking. Which feels great!

I learned to focus on the right things, have faith, and ask for help when I need it. I also learned to trust my intuition and to use it as my guiding light. I’m getting closer and closer to the business & life that truly fit me. And I’m creating it all on my own terms!”

Florien van Basten Batenburg, decontentacademie.nl

I’m much more visible, I’m doing what I love, and experience freedom in my business and life – and I learned to take steps despite my fears!

“My business was doing well, but I often wondered: how happy am I with my success, the way I work, and how I grow my business?
I was looking for someone to help me throw out all rules and conventions, so I could find my OWNway of doing business.

Someone to help me overcome my doubts and limiting beliefs around doing business on my terms.

I didn’t want to compare myself to others anymore, but focus on what I wanted instead. Without compromising.
I also wanted to be more creative and visible, and to experience freedom in my business and my life.

Working with Brigitte helped me see what held me back. She showed me how to use my intuition and creativity more. I’ve learned to take steps despite my fears.

She helped me find my own path, and how to follow it.

I now trust my intuition completely. I’ve stopped doing what I no longer want and what no longer fits me. I’ve become more visible. I am very clear on what I want and how I want to work.

As a result I work with much more ease, I’m doing what I love, and I have accomplished my dream of experiencing freedom in my business and life.

I think bigger and see more options and opportunities. I’m now attracting clients who want to experience this too. And my business is still doing very well.

I know and feel I can keep on growing with everything I’ve learned in Big Mission, Big Impact. I trust that it will. The journey has just begun….”

Nicole Offenberg, coaching and training, www.nicoleoffenberg.nl

I make an even bigger difference for my clients, and bring more change to the world. And I’m happier, more fulfilled and vibrant than I’ve been in a long, long time.

“My business was successful, and I always had plenty of clients. But I was working too hard. There was no time for reflection and rest. There was no time for me. I lost touch with myself, and the things that made me happy.I didn’t know what my unique mission and gift was.

And I really missed that.

Working with Brigitte changed all that. She helped me reconnect with myself, and my authentic power and mission. She inspired me how to translate this to very clear business goals.

And finally, she taught me how to go BIG with my goals, and still be true to my mission and myself.

I learned to make powerful decisions, to let go of what no longer serves me, and to stop feeling responsible for everyone and everything around me.

I found my balance and flow, and as a result I’m able to deliver much more impact and value for my clients.

Focusing on myself, my uniqueness and what I need to be happy made a huge difference in my business and my life. I now make an even bigger difference for my own clients, and bring more change to the world.

Brigitte’s coaching made all the difference for me. She’s an incredibly powerful and intuitive coach. She gets to the core very fast, and knows exactly what you need to move forward and create lasting change.

My business is still very successful. And I am happier, more fulfilled and vibrant than I’ve been in a long, long time.”

Anne-Else Højberg, The Big Mission Coach, mensenlatenschitteren.nl

As a result of being in The Freedom Circle, I found the courage to take steps that scared me before. It helped me keep moving forward, and not stand still or get stuck.

“There are so many questions, doubts and obstacles you encounter when you build and grow a business.
That’s why I joined the Freedom Circle: to get the support and information I need to keep moving forward. And of course to learn how to stay true to myself in my business, and do it all on my terms.

The monthly lessons are incredibly good. Each lesson is short, effective and very complete. I save them all in my business library, so I can easily use them whenever I need them.

As a result of being in The Freedom Circle, I found the courage to take steps that scared me before. It helped me keep moving forward, and not stand still or get stuck.

Both the lessons and Brigitte’s support are so helpful.

It’s fantastic to have direct access to her in a secret Facebook group. Brigitte responds very quickly, and always supports me to make the decision that’s best for me.

The Freedom Circle is a great program that absolutely delivers what it promises: to create success as a result of doing business on your own terms. No one models and teaches that better than Brigitte.”

Carolien van den Akker, www.carolienvandenakker.nl

Working with Brigitte was really life changing and supported me in bringing my life and business to a whole new level.

“I worked with Brigitte for the first time in the summer of 2014 when she helped me become crystal clear on my soul purpose.

As a result I shifted out of a business that I was really good at, but that didn’t fulfill me, and set up a completely soul aligned business in which I not only live my soul purpose daily, I also get to share my unique gift with the world.

In the four months I have been running my new business I have already helped close to a hundred people clear their sabotaging blocks from this lifetime and past lifetimes.

I really love my work with my clients and making money becomes SO much easier when you are doing what you came here to do. In my previous business I also had decent turnovers, but it had been extremely hard work.

Working with Brigitte was really life changing and supported me in bringing my life and business to a whole new level.”

Sabriyé Dubrie, gangstagoddesses.com

“Brigitte was a wise and generous guide!”

Unmute Your Life” challenged me right off the bat and kept me fully engaged through to the end. Brigitte was a wise and generous guide through the process and I appreciated having her there, on my side. I found the whole thing very expansive and safe at the same time.

I highly recommend, especially if you are the type of person who bristles when people tell you what to do. I think Brigitte understands people like us particularly well. Blessings!

Annette C from Texas

“I wholeheartedly recommend the online program ‘Unmute Your Life!’”

“I went through it with a lot of enthusiasm, and I am doing it again to discover an even deeper layer!”

Pamela Veldema, pamelaveldema . nl


“It’s a joy to be part of a membership group led by someone who is down to earth and REAL and who not only walks her talk but lives it!
I love how Brigitte shows up with her trademark humour and insights that make for profound AHA’s, a healthy dose of realism (no BS here!) and inspiration to live life and do business on our own terms.

I always look forward to the monthly Q&A’s where Brigitte shares healing, meditations and insights on the questions we submit ahead of time or live.

Brigitte’s channeled messages of divine inspiration give me goosebumps and deeply resonate. She also randomly surprises us with content bonuses such as journalling prompts and masterclasses that encourage us to charge what we are worth, set healthy boundaries and go for what we really want.

The best value yearly membership I’ve come across -highly recommend!”

Mel Brodie, luminatelife.com.au

Praise for ‘RISE

“Words can hardly describe how wonderful the healings are.

And they truly work: they help you take action on the topics, and immensely increase the impact and results of your actions.

Miracles occurred since I joined RISE: more money; a fantastic new client; more space, inner peace & connection with my purpose, and joy!

I highly recommend RISE. There’s so much room for your process, to ask questions, and get support. It’s an incredible value for money!”

Else Boutkan, elseboutkan.nl

“I love RISE. It resonates very deeply with me.

Being in the energy of RISE and receiving so much encouragement is critical for me.

I learned to trust myself and my guidance, listening to the exhortation to go for it, and to be persistent.

I am more present than ever before. I’m more focused. More aware. And I experience joy. Deep joy.

The healings are beautiful, profound, deeply moving. There are many during which I weep with joy, beauty, recognition, awe.

I love Brigitte’s authenticity, great sense of humor, how everything is permeated by an “all is well” attitude, and yet somehow it isn’t wishy washy. It’s very deep.

Brigitte is a very powerful and intuitive healer, and always encourages you to be true to yourself and become more aware of who you really are.”

Lyerka Miller

“RISE gives me the intuitive approach to doing business that I was looking for, and the support I need to do business from my heart.

The masterclasses are amazing, and the healings are very powerful: they give me more energy, help me explore new territory, and trust myself and my intuition.

I absolutely adore Brigitte’s capacity to create such powerful healings and give masterclasses with so much content in a relaxed way.

The Q&A calls offer lots of space to ask questions, and we all benefit from the answers and guidance you offer.

If you’re looking for an intuitive business coach who helps you get out of your own way and create an amazing business and life: go to Brigitte!”

Constance Schaap, lifestyle coach who empowers women to live from the heart

I gained more visibility, grew my list and my income – while working less and doing business on MY terms!

“Before I worked with Brigitte, I did exactly what I learned about marketing and building a business. And I wasn’t happy: I followed the rules and what I thought I ‘should’ be doing, but somehow wasn’t able to do business in MY own way.
That didn’t work for me. I didn’t experience much flow in my business, and it became harder to attract clients.

I also wasn’t clear on what sets me apart from other business coaches.

All of this changed very quickly when I started working with Brigitte 1-1.

After our first session I realized I had to work less instead of more if I wanted my business to grow. That was a huge relief. Brigitte taught me how to use and trust my intuition in my business, and this helped me get a lot more done with a lot less effort.

As a result of the coaching I became more visible and grew my list. And I made the same amount of money in three months as I did in the entire last year!

I also experience a lot more fun in my business, and I’ve learned how to make the best decisions in my business using my intuition. I now have the courage to do things MY way instead of using the same standard format most entrepreneurs follow.

And finally, I realized that what sets me apart from other business coaches is that I’m a healer too, and I’m at my best when I integrate this energetic aspect into my coaching.

If you want to get better results, find your strength, do business in your own way, and learn to use your intuition in your business, you should go to Brigitte too! It’s definitely worth the investment!”

Alexandra Hilbers, Intuitive Business Coach, www.opeigenwijze.org

I now feel the confidence, trust, fulfillment and peace I’ve been missing for a long, long time.

“I was struggling in my business for nearly 2 years before I participated in Big Mission, Big Impact:

I wasn’t clear on what I wanted in my business or what it was exactly I offered, and it was unclear to others as well.

As a result, I didn’t have enough clients and didn’t make enough money.

Something needed to change, and it needed to change soon. It was now or never.

That’s when I decided to participate in Big Mission, Big Impact. And this really changed everything for me!

I now know exactly what I offer, who my ideal clients are and what my most valuable talents are.

My core message is also crystal clear to me! This gives me focus and direction, and I know exactly what my niche is.

Others now understand exactly what it is I offer!

They are interested in my services and refer others to me as well – something that never happened before!

I up leveled my website, revitalized my newsletter and just finished writing my e-book (because I now have a clear focus on what I can write about).

I know who I am, what I need, and where I’m going with my business.

This gives me the feeling of confidence, trust, fulfillment and peace I’ve been missing for a long, long time.

Brigitte also taught me how to use my intuition and spirituality in my business in a very practical way. With you, there’s nothing airy-fairy or vague about it!

Thank you, Brigitte, for showing me what’s possible for me and my business, and being such a powerful and inspirational role model!”

Marije van Duijne Strobosch, helping ambitious women who feel stuck to create a flexible work-life balance, www.m-energie.nl

After struggling with a difficult choice for years, I finally made a decision – what a relief! I now have so much more clarity on my business and how I want to work.

“My business was already very successful, but I was struggling with a difficult choice for almost 3 years: what my ideal target group was.

I had two target groups and was always doubting whether I should continue to work for both groups, or let one group go, and if so, which one…

I just couldn’t decide.

Besides that, I also wanted to reach more people. I had a strong feeling I was capable of much more than I was already achieving. But I just didn’t seem to be able to fulfill that potential.

I wanted to work on those issues in a group of likeminded entrepreneurs, and I am so glad I did!

Before I participated in this program I thought I knew what my mission was.
But my mission became so much clearer!

The program has a very good structure and you take us step by step through every aspect of your mission, message, ideal client etc. etc.

These steps provided me with a very clear picture of my business, what I have to offer and what I want my business to look like.

My target group became very clear, and I finally chose to work with one ideal target group – which is a huge relief and gives me peace of mind after struggling with this decision for so long.

I also started writing my first book!
This too was something I wanted to do for quite some time, and now I am finally doing it – and enjoying it as well!

And last but not least I have gained a much better balance between my personal and my business life.

I am much clearer on how I want to work and what really matters to me.

Thank you, Brigitte!”

Suzanne Meijles, www.protaal.nl

I am now attracting more clients and my income is increasing!

I worked as a freelance trainer and coach for fifteen years, but with fluctuating success. I knew I had a lot to offer and I deeply desired to serve more people.

For that reason I already offered various coaching en training sessions, but I was still held back by several different things:

First of all I had doubts and limiting beliefs about making money with living my big mission, and if the right clients were really interested in my services.

I didn’t know exactly who my ideal client was or how I could get more of what I have to offer out into the world.

I didn’t really think of myself as a real entrepreneur yet, and I wanted to change that as well.

I now feel confident about myself in my entrepreneurship, and with what I have to offer. I have a realistic and clear picture of my ideal clients and what my contribution and mission are.

As a result I am already attracting more – and the right clients, and best of all: my income is increasing!

I feel confident and strong and I know that my business will keep on growing.

Brigitte has a strong intuitive wisdom and a lot of valuable practical knowledge about running and growing a business.

She combines this with great skills as a lifecoach, and she also helped me to create a better and healthier work-life balance.

I am so glad I decided to participate in this program.

It has changed and empowered me and my business in a fundamental way, and gave me tools to keep on developing myself and my entrepreneurship so that I can live my Big Mission!

Thank you, Brigitte!

Marjon te Riele, career/ lifecoach and leadershiptrainer, www.rosa-ligna.nl

I increased the number of clients, became more visible, more clear, and more… ME

“Before I worked with Brigitte, I was a little off track because I was overwhelmed by the many and various marketing advices I was given to improve my business.
I was having this problem for about 9 months and it gave me a lot of stress, because I didn’t make enough money.

And those advices I took led me away from my core business and purpose, because in order to make money I had to let go of what my heart was telling me and that absolutely didn’t feel good. Especially when I saw that following those advices did not benefit me at all.

I was confused, experienced a lot of self-doubt and was sad because I didn’t see my business evolve the way I meant it to and I started to lose motivation to give my business a new boost.

So when I learned about Big Mission Big Impact I signed up for it. I wanted to go back to my core mission. And how I could translate and integrate it into my business.

After a few weeks I re-discovered what I really love to do most and with whom I love to work. And I was able to convert that into a business and marketing model.

Ideas for my business started to flow and I regained motivation to energize my business again.

I took steps way out of my comfort zone, because now I knew how to handle it.

I created different programs and shared my new pitch with other networkers.

That increased the number of clients. I became more visible, more clear and more…ME.

I have more self-confidence, because I know why I’m doing what I’m doing and am no longer subordinate to marketing. Marketing is subordinate to my purpose. And that feels a whole lot better ? ”

Asha Vasconcellos-Badal, www.zijnwiejebent.nl!

I trust my inner compass in business and life, and spend my time much more efficiently

“In the fall of 2012, I started my own business. I had already been working in some collaborative projects with other entrepreneurs, and I felt ready to start developing my own products and services. I opted for Brigitte’s VIP program.

What I needed was full clarity on my mission. And I knew that if I was going to try to work it all out myself, it would take me a tremendous amount of time and energy.

The main thing that I have learned from Brigitte is to start trusting my inner compass, both in business and in life.

As a result, I am spending my time much more efficiently. I know what tasks I need to work on and I only put energy and effort in projects that are worthwhile exploring.

I am doing less, while the amount of organizations I am serving keep growing.

I can now work this way, as during my VIP program I was able to lay a strong foundation for my business. Getting clarity on my mission was an important ingredient.

Learning to rely on my expertise, gaining self-esteem and becoming more comfortable with standing out in the crowd, completed the foundation.

I know for sure that I could never have done this without the support of Brigitte.”

Carolien van den Akker, www.hetbesteinmensen.nl

I learned to consciously use my intuition, and never doubt if I’m on the right track anymore!

My business was doing well, but I still felt something was holding me back.
I had some limiting beliefs around sales and charging good prices. I felt I could grow my business faster and with less resistance if these beliefs were transformed.These limiting beliefs changed soon after I started working with Brigitte. I immediately felt much more relaxed in my marketing and sales.But best of all, she taught me how to work with my intuition and co-create with the universe in very practical ways. My intuition is much stronger now, and I’m able to consciously use it in my business.As a result I experience more flow and am much more focused. I’m no longer scattering my attention and energy, and I’m proactively growing my business.I use my intuition for everything in my business now, and it helps me make much better choices and strategical decisions. It helps me decide which programs to invest in (or not); how to launch my products & book, and which activities to focus on first.Brigitte helped me understand and work with my intuition, and opened up a new world of possibilities for me. I learned to develop my own magic, and never doubt if I’m on the right track anymore.

Ellen de Lange – Ros, helps entrepreneurs grow their business by truly seeing their clients & effectively using social media, https://www.faxion.nl/

I needed to make that knowledge my own, and implement it in my own way.That’s exactly what Brigitte taught me in her program

“Do you sometimes wonder why all your knowledge on online marketing still doesn’t work for you?I did. And now I know why: I needed to make that knowledge my own, and implement it in my own way.That’s exactly what Brigitte taught me in her program ‘Success On YOUR Terms’: to create success in my own way, on my own terms. By being true to myself.And it works!! I’m already experiencing my first real breakthrough with my brand new online program: 13 people signed up for it within two weeks!My confidence in myself as an entrepreneur grows every day. Brigitte, I’m so happy with you!

Karla Mooy, ontspannenopvoeden.nl

Praise for for Business Magic

“Business Magic is a spiritual and still practical program (like all Brigitte’s programs)

It taught me some new and surprising tips. And playing with energy on a regular basis was very valuable!

I learned to use my intuition more.

This brought me more joy and more relaxing moments. And I learned to feel the energy and let it help me.

Follow this program to make working with your intuition & energy easier and more fun.

And if you’re new to all this: follow it, too! This is a great way to learn all about it.”

Else Boutkan, elseboutkan.nl

“My body reacts strongly to energy which used to scare me. During this program I learned to react differently to it, with ease and peace.

That feels so much better than before! I now open up to this energy and let my body react to it. I no longer fear it.

If you’re not used to working with energy, you should join Business Magic, too! Because it teaches you a clear and simple way to work with energy. And because of Brigitte’s energy. For me, that’s what makes this program the best.”

Claire V.

“I loved this program! It’s filled with little golden nuggets. And I loved the variation in how the content was delivered (PDF’s, audios, visualizations.)

I learned that my intuition truly is MAGIC. I can connect much quicker to it now.

And I feel I reached a deeper or higher level of trust within me.

This program brings you all the know-how, spiritual & practical tools you need to work with your intuition and energy. It creates business and life magic.

And you can feel Brigitte’s loving & healing energy throughout the course.”

Monica Job, monicajob.nl

“Business Magic helped my scared, logical mind build its faith and trust in my Soul and Intuition.

I now know I can trust my Soul and Intuition, and I see how they help me to soar to new heights beyond my wildest dreams. They can guide me better than anyone/anything outside of myself!  

I learned how to receive guidance from within myself. And I’m better at letting go of what I think should happen and how things should be.

Brigitte helped me bring my Spirit, Essence and full Self to my business.

This program is well worth every ounce of energy that you put into it!”

Renee Ostertag, greentreemind.com

“I loved the daily emails! And that the modules were short and easy to consume.

As a result of Business Magic, I’m more clear about what my intuition is saying.

And I have a strong desire to connect with my intuition and play with energy even more.

If you offer this program again, I’ll definitely participate again!

If you’re looking for a program that helps you tune into your intuition more and learn how to leverage energy, this is a great program for you, too.”

Jamie Goins, intentionalperspective.com