Put Yourself First, Baby!
Would you like to receive commissions for referring others to me?
Yes, it’s that easy to make money if you sign up for my affiliate program!
All you have to do is refer others to one of my programs, products, or ezine.
Every time someone purchases something through one of your affiliate links, you’ll receive an affiliate commission.

That’s it!

All you have to do is sign up to become an affiliate and use your affiliate links, and we’ll take care of the rest.
Here’s how it works:
Step 1: Sign up
Fill out the affiliate signup form HERE and click on the Sign Me Up!- button to join my affiliate program (it’s free).
Step 2: Confirmation email
After you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email. This contains all the information you need to start earning your commissions!
Step 3: Start using your affiliate links
Refer people you know and trust to me (like your friends or clients) using your affiliate link.
Some ways you can promote me are:
  • on your website;
  • in your newsletter;
  • on Social Media (like Twitter or Faebook);
  • via email (you don’t need a newsletter or website to become an affiliate) on your blog.
Who can become an affiliate?
Clients who like what I offer and use ethical methods to promote it.
To make sure we’re on the same page there are some rules you agree to once you sign up:
  • spamming is NOT allowed – only send emails to people who want to and agreed to receive emails from you;
  • I’m not responsible for inaccurate claims you make;
  • No advertising me or any of my programs, products, ezine or services on websites with offensive content (at my discretion)
If you violate these rules, you will be removed from the affiliate program immediately AND your commissions will NOT be paid.

And please note:

#1 You cannot sign up as an affiliate and apply the commission for your own purchase.

Fees are only applicable for your REFERRALS of clients – they are NOT payable for your own purchases.

#2 We do not pay out on referrals for 1:1 coaching or mastermind programs.


How much can I earn?
You earn 40% commission* on every sale made on commissionable products or programs purchased through your affiliate link.
No limit! The more you refer, the more you can earn.
How & when do I get paid?
All payments earned are paid out to you via paypal. You must have a paypal account and provide us with your paypal email upon signing up for our program.
Payouts are made monthly by the 15th of the month for the prior month’s commission earned.
Payments for products will be processed following the 30th day of the order OR after the guarantee has expired , to account for cancellations or bad payments.

Payments for programs/courses will be processed upon completion of the program to account for cancellations or bad payments.

Have any questions?
Please send an email to team[at]brigittevantuijl.com

We’re happy to help you!

Please write your email in English – my team does not speak Dutch. Thanks!

*(Individual coaching is NOT included in the affiliate program.)

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