Online program:

Write your non-fiction book in 3 months

(in only 30 minutes per day!)


You want to write a book. 

But you haven’t started writing (OR haven’t finished) it yet, because:

📚You don’t know where to start or what to do next;

📚It overwhelms you;

📚It’s too scary: what will people think?! Will they like your book? Is anyone waiting for what you have to say? It’s all been said before. There are many books about this topic already. What do you have to add?


But…you REALLY want to write a book!

You don’t want this to remain a fantasy. Everyone knows people who want to write a book one day—but never do.

THAT’S one thing you’re sure of: you will NOT be one of them! You’re ready to birth your book now.

Well, ready … a part of you still wonders how it works.


You may have questions, doubts and fears BUT you are ready to not let those stop you anymore!

You’re DONE dreaming without doing anything about it. You’re DONE feeling annoyed and mad at yourself for not starting (or finishing!) your book. You’re DONE feeling bad about yourself for not doing what you feel called to do.

You’re DONE procrastinating and you’re DONE feeling frustrated (and, to be honest, slightly jealous) when you see people with less to say or worse writing skills than you churn out books like nobody’s business. What the hell?! If THEY can do it, why can’t YOU?


Good question! Because the truth is this: YOU can write a book, too!

Are there people who write better than you, have more knowledge than you, are more popular or more successful than you?


But there are MANY, MANY MORE people who write worse and know less than you.


And you know the ONE thing that sets you apart from those dozens, hundreds, thousands, even MILLIONS of people who say to want to write a book some day?

YOU actually WRITE it.

Because that’s another truth:

 (There are more people who want to write a book than people who actually do.

And one final truth for you:


No matter how many books are already written about a certain topic: YOUR voice is still missing.

Even when your message is the same as that of thousands of others, there’s still room for YOUR book. Why? Because you are unique. You’re not the same as those other writers, so your book won’t be the same either.

Your style, tone of voice, perspective, opinions, beliefs, and way of communicating is different. Your energy and personality are different. Your soul is different.


As a result, your book is different—even when there’s nothing original about your topic or message.

That’s why there’s room for YOUR book, too.

Even if it’s the 6 billionth book on spirituality; mindfulness; business models; finding clients; leadership; stress reduction or realizing your goals and dreams.

Even if it’s the 9 billionth book on gardening, cooking or interior decorating.

Or whatever your non-fiction book is about.


There. Is. PLENTY. Of. Room. For. YOUR. Book.

The story may have been told a gazillion times, but it’s never been told by YOU.

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The benefits of having your own book?


👉The ENORMOUS satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment & fulfillment to hold your book in your hands. You did it!!!

👉It establishes you as an expert. Bwegh, sorry about the marketing speak, but it’s true! A book gives you street cred 🙂 Very useful for your business! (And great for your self-confidence, too)

👉It helps you grow your business (and I show you how in this program), on repeat, for years to come, even when you sleep).

👉It’s a marketing instrument, a brochure, a publicity tool and a business card.

👉It’s a way to offer your expertise to more people than you could ever work with in person at a price everyone can afford. You can help more people without overworking yourself! (And you make money with it, too!)


Do you want to write your book now? And finish it? Without struggling?

I can help!

I’m Brigitte van Tuijl, a writer and master coach. In the past two decades I’ve helped thousands of women get clear on their true dream and make it real.  My clients have launched businesses globally, published their first books, doubled their incomes, and realized their most important goals and desires.

I have 7 books under my belt so far (May 2022).

I wrote my first book, ‘Ontdek wat je écht wilt en maak daar (je) werk van in 6 weeks back in 2008. I self-published it first, it was picked up by a publisher later, and I sold thousands of copies of it.

I published my second book, Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want  in July 2020. It took me 9 years to write that one. (….I know. That’s not going to happen to you!)

I wrote 4 new books within 6 months (between June 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020):

1 📚The Gap – bridge the space between where you are and where you want to be. I published that book on October 21, 2020.

2 📚The Art of Divine Selfishness – transform your life, your business & the world by putting YOU first. I published this one on March 8, 2021.

3 📚The Inner Minimalist – clear the clutter of your mind for a simpler, quieter and happier life was published on June 14, 2021.

4 📚Write Your Non-Fiction Book in 3 Months (in only 30 minutes per day!) will be published later in 2021.

I wrote all 4 books in 30 minutes per day. 

I also wrote my 7th book The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur, in 30 minutes per day.

It’s available on June 6, 2022, which means I published 6 books in 2 years. 

I know a thing or two about writing, publishing, marketing, and selling your books.

I know what works and what doesn’t. I know about frustration and flow; about writer’s block (which doesn’t exist, by the way) and overcoming it; about not knowing what to do and being super clear on your next steps; about starting, stopping, finishing and publishing and about never, EVER giving up.


And I put all my knowledge about writing & selling non-fiction books PLUS my skills as a master coach, breakthrough expert and entrepreneur in this program:

Write your non-fiction book in 3 months

(in only 30 minutes per day!)


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Here’s what you learn:


Module 1: Before You Start Writing.

You’d think writing a book would start with, well, writing, but noooooo, that’s NOT where you start! You start by setting yourself up for the best writing journey AND the best results you can dream of. Yes, you need to be clear on your message and your audience, but that’s not all. There’s much more to get clear on upfront, and I’ll take you through it step-by-step.


Module 2: Structure, Title & Content.

What makes a good title? What needs to be in the book? What can you leave out? How do you determine this? And what’s the easiest way to turn your ideas into an actual book?  I show you how to create a framework for your book that makes writing it quicker and easier. (And results in a better book, too!)


Module 3: Writing Mindset.

We’re still not writing 🙂

Preparation is half the work, so we continue with a KEY part of finishing and publishing your book: your mindset. Paying attention to that NOW saves you a lot of hassle and headaches later!


Module 4: Practical Writing Tips.

NOW you start writing. But how do you do that? What if you’re uninspired or not in the mood? What makes writing easier and more fun? What helps you write quicker and better?

This module shares some easy to implement tips & tricks.


Module 5: Use Your Book to Build Your Business.

Your book can help you grow or build your business…. if you know how to do it. This is something to think about while writing your book. This module shows you how your book can help you grow your business, and how to practically set that up. It’s not difficult, you just need to know what to think about and how to implement it.


Module 6: Boring Practicalities & Need-To-Knows.

Do you need an ISBN, a disclaimer, a designer and a formatter? Why? How does it work? Where do you find them? This, and other practicalities are addressed in this module.

Wondering about these questions is one of the MAIN things that can overwhelm you in the process of writing your book. When those questions are answered, you don’t have to worry or even think about it. You can listen to this module the moment you need the information.  And you can forget about it the rest of the time so you can focus on your writing!


Module 7: Editing

Your first draft is finished. The next phase begins! How do you edit your writing? I show you a method, a structure and tips that help you edit your book as best you can. It also answers the question if and when you need an editor, and where and how to find a good one.


Module 8: Self-publishing

This module gives an overview of several ways to self-publish your book. Along with costs, checklists, a cheat sheet and practical tips.

This, too, can feel SO overwhelming on your writing journey. But when you know what you need to know, step-by-step, you can relax around this topic, too.

This module takes a TON of stress away from you!!


Module 9: Marketing.

Your book is finished….now what? How do people get to know about your book? How do you launch it? When do you start telling people about your book and what exactly do you tell them? What makes people want to buy and read your book?

This module gives you inspiration and ideas for your book marketing, when to start, and how to promote your book in ways that feel good to you. You do everything in your own way, of course—I simply show you what’s possible so you can find creative ways that are perfect for you and your book!


Module 10: The Woo-Woo Module! 🙂

In addition to the practical & mindset content, you need some soul work, too:

You learn how to connect with your writing muse; clearing your writing channel; getting in the flow; and attracting inspiration. When you add this to the practical components of writing your book, the whole process becomes so much easier, joyful and fun!





I’ll show you all the tools, programs and software I use. You don’t necessarily need any of them, but it makes writing and publishing a lot easier!

(I’ll also show you the free version of everything, and how you can still write & publish a great book with nothing more than Word and access to internet.)

I also share who I hire for what kind of support.


Recordings of 8 Q&A calls from previous live rounds of the program. These calls are filled with extra tips & inspiration and answers to questions you may have, too!


You can start with the program within minutes after your purchase is completed.


All modules are ready for you in your membership area, so you can dive right in!


To recap, here’s everything you get:


📚10 audio modules + PDFs that take you through writing, marketing, editing and publishing your book. You can listen  to them as often and whenever you like. Check-lists and cheat sheets are included.

📚BONUS 1: an overview of the tools, people & software I work with.

📚BONUS 2: 8 recordings of previous Q&A calls filled with extra tips & inspiration.


After 3 months (or sooner if you have more time!) your book is done and ready for the next phase:

Depending on your progress you either shift into the editing OR the publishing phase. But the most important part is behind you: your book is finished!

And with everything you learned in the program, you know how to move forward now!


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(if you’re still here, you are! :-))

Your investment is 597 Euros* full pay OR 4 monthly payments of 175 Euros each.

Yes!!! I’m ready to write my book! <— click here to sign up


*21% VAT for those in The Netherlands not included.

597 Euros is approximately 710 USD, depending on the current exchange rate. 175 Euros is approximately 207 USD, depending on the current exchange rate.

Are you from another EU country? So IN the EU but OUTSIDE of The Netherlands?  Fill in your EU VAT number on the order form (in between your state/region and your phone number), and you won’t be charged any VAT. 

And rest assured: your payment is processed on secure servers.


Here’s what happens when you sign up:

Within minutes after your purchase is completed, you receive a confirmation email. You get instant access to all the content and bonuses.

You can get started on your book within minutes after completing your purchase!


Some questions you may have:


Can I join if I’m writing a fiction book, too?

No. I don’t know anything about that, and the content is completely focused on non-fiction books.

Do you have to be a great writer to write a book?

No. You have to be able to string some sentences together in a way that makes sense to your reader, and that’s about it. A good editor can help you improve your book. And it’s the content that matters most for non-fiction books. Deliver good content and your book is good enough!

(I certainly read some non-fiction books over the years that delivered great value to me, even though the quality of writing was….pretty poor. And no, I’m not going to tell you which books. I KNOW how much work goes into writing a book, and I’d never dump on someone’s blood, sweat & tears like that.)

Is it REALLY possible to write a book in 3 months in 30 minutes a day?!

Yes, I wrote 6 books that way! It requires focus and commitment, but I give you plenty of tools, tips, encouragement, inspiration and support so YOU can do it, too!

Can you guarantee that my book will be finished at the end of those 3 months?

No. I can guarantee that I give you EVERYTHING you need to make that happen in terms of information, inspiration, practical tips, tools, tricks, check-lists and cheat sheets AND a shitload of encouragement, coaching and support, but it’s up to YOU to implement and use it.

I’d love to write a book, but it scares me, too! Is this the program for me?

Yes! Writing a book can trigger a lot of fears, questions and insecurities, and these are all addressed in the program. Plus, you have me by your side the whole time so you can ask me whatever you need whenever you need it!

Do you do refunds?

If you’ve gone through modules 1 and 2 and made the exercises in these modules and you’re convinced this is not the program for you, you can send me an email with the reason you’d like to quit AND proof that you made the exercises. You need to send it to me within 3 weeks after purchasing the program. I’ll give you a refund minus 25 Euros administration fees.

Have another question?

Email me at team[at], and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Brigitte is not just just a coach, she is not just a very good coach coach…she is an awesome coach.

I transformed my business from a Dutch practice into a global business, reached 1000’s of new ideal clients and took huge steps. I am grateful that I had Brigitte to guide and empower me to follow through on my dream.

I am not coachable by every one, often times not even by a very good coach. Brigitte is an awesome coach who has the unparalleled quality of creating breakthrough after breakthrough. I don’t know any other coach who can do that so fast and hitting the mark every single time.”

Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen,

I’ve grown. Expanded. Experience more space.

“So much has shifted in me. I feel different, and you can see a difference on the outside as well:  I quit my career coaching business and made a big step in bringing my spiritual work into the world. But above all, I learned to listen to my soul, said YES to her, and follow the flow of life with so much more faith.

Thank you so much, Brigitte, for helping me see my patterns; showing me options; making & keeping things simple; and getting to the core and the essence of everything.”

Hanneke van Stigt Thans,

Some call her the best coach of The Netherlands. That sounded good so I decided to take the leap. I’m glad I did!

Brigitte and I clarified how I can structure my business so I can serve more people in a way that fits me. We also uncovered what was stopping me. And I learned how to deal with it so it’s not holding me back anymore.

I will always remember what Brigitte taught me about manifesting your desires in real and practical ways. That’s a skill that will serve me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Brigitte!”

Marloes Bouwmeester,

No one can bring me back to myself so incredibly fast as she can.

“Brigitte supported me in numerous issues: from money to marketing to relationships to my mission in business. Her talent to quickly get to the core of any issue is unparalleled: I’ve never seen or experienced anyone who can do that as fast and as good as she can. Her honesty always hits home. She always knows exactly what needs to be done or addressed so you can move forward in your business. A real talent.”

Margaretha Schokker,

I doubled my income within a month!

“I doubled my income within a month. And I gained so much confidence that I really can get where I want to be as a result of being fully aligned with who I am and what I want. Brigitte always feels if my actions and ideas are truly aligned with me, or not. And she gives me so much faith in myself: I now really trust that I have everything inside me to reach all my goals.”

Maartje Koper, and

I’m attracting more clients, and sent out 4 new proposals last week!

“Thanks to working with Brigitte, I now only do what I most love to do: combining humor & transformation in workshops and other projects. And it’s paying off big time: I’m attracting more clients, and sent out 4 new proposals last week! I feel more confident, and charge more for my services. I’ve learned to deal with my inner critic, my fears and my doubts. They’re not stopping me anymore! “

Marleen Bekker,

Brigitte’s coaching made all the difference!

“Brigitte helped me reconnect with my power, my mission, and myself. She taught me how to go BIG with my goals, and still be true to my mission and myself.  I found my balance and flow, and as a result I’m able to deliver much more impact and value for my clients.  Brigitte’s coaching made all the difference. She’s an incredibly powerful and intuitive coach. She gets to the core very fast, and knows exactly what you need to move forward and create lasting change.

Anne-Else Højberg,

My life changed completely in the first 6 months of our coaching!

“I found inner peace; I love my work more; I rarely feel bored; I now love life and myself; and my inner critic is so much quieter.  My business is shifting into a form that truly fits and serves me.  I have more energy, more free time, and I am happier overall.  Everything is so much better now. And it only gets better and better!
The coaching is deeply transformational and life-changing, and worth every cent of my investment – and more!”

Petra Jungblut,

Working with Brigitte helped me reconnect with everything that truly matters to me.

“I feel inspired and in the flow again. I learned how to fulfill my mission in business in MY own way, the
Else-way. Brigitte is 100% committed to helping you be the best you can be, on your own terms, in a way that’s best for you.  If you are truly committed to make changes in your business, you should go to Brigitte too. It makes a world of difference in your business and life.”

Else Boutkan,

I am living a completely different life now!

While being very loving and kind, Brigitte cuts straight through any BS, blocks, and excuses. She is amazingly intuitive and can call on her guidance to nudge you along your path in addition to relying on her training and experience. I am living a completely different life now. And it keeps growing and evolving. Brigitte has helped me step into a new reality of magnificent and endless possibility, love and beauty.

Lyerka Miller


“ When my program attracted hundreds of new clients, I was forced to bring on another coach to help…I prayed to find a coach masterful enough for me to trust with my tribe. Then I thought of Brigitte…and she
said YES! (Thank God!)  My people had HUGE breakthroughs with her guidance. The best miracle was that they loved her as much as me! (Maybe even more.) She’s brilliant, intuitive, straight-forward, incredibly supportive and detailed. It was the best decision I ever made!”

Jeanna Gabellini,


“I took a lot of big steps, much faster than I thought I would. I feel so much more free, and enjoy running my business again! Brigitte has a real & rare talent to get to the core of your issues super fast.
She just KNOWS what’s important to focus on and bring to light – including things that are hidden deep under the surface, and you’re not even consciously aware of yourself yet. If you’re looking for cookie-cutter steps & advice to grow your business: go find another business coach.
But if you’re looking for an exceptional coach who helps you grow your soul-based business, in 100% alignment with your calling, personality, and your own way of doing things: go to Brigitte!

Karin Bosveld,

I’ve learned to take steps despite my fears.

Working with Brigitte helped me see what held me back. She showed me how to use my intuition and creativity more. I’ve learned to take steps despite my fears. As a result I work with much more ease, I’m doing
what I love, and I have accomplished my dream of experiencing freedom in my business and life.
I think bigger and see more options and opportunities. And I’m now attracting clients who want to experience this too.”

Nicole Offenberg,

Ready to write your book? 

Click the link below to sign up:



And before you know it you can take a picture of yourself holding your own book, too!!













Legal Disclaimer:

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this package and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. The more commitment, energy and effort you put in, the more you will get out of it.