Are you ready to SOAR?

Do you want to finally GO for your true dream and create a business & life you LOVE?

If you’re ready for a breakthrough, this soar session is for you!

***Very limited spots available.***

During our call:

#1 You get clarity on which obstacle is currently in your way;

#2 You get clarity on how you can break through to your next level in your business, and

#3 I’ll tell you what your next best actions are to realize your most important dream / goal.

If I feel that I might be of service to you, I’ll let you know at the end how I might support you.

No strings, no costs!

Whether you’re interested in hearing about working with me or not, and whether we end up working together or not, you’ll leave this call with clarity on what it is you TRULY want and what you need to do or focus on to make your dream real.

You can apply for a Free Soar Session here.

I respond to your application within 2 business days.


About Brigitte van Tuijl

I’m a writer and master transformational coach for women entrepreneurs. I show you how to make a big difference in the world without selling yourself short or changing who you are.

In the past two decades I’ve helped thousands of women get clear on their true dream and make it real. My clients have launched businesses globally, published their first books, doubled their incomes, and realized their most important goals and desires.

I’m a thoroughly trained master transformational coach; highly intuitive & a powerful energy worker.

I published 3 books so far, and I’m publishing my next 4 books in 2021.

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