Are you ready to SOAR?

Do you want to finally GO for your true dream and create a business & life you LOVE?

If you’re ready to say YES to a business and life you adore, this session is for you!

During our call:

#1 You get clarity on your TRUE dream and what a business & life you adore look like (it might look different than you think!);

#2 You get clarity on what it takes for you to experience a breakthrough so you can soar, and

#3 I’ll tell you what your next best actions are to create the business & life of your dreams.

If I feel that I might be of service to you, I’ll let you know at the end how I might support you.

No strings, no costs!

Whether you’re interested in hearing about working with me or not, and whether we end up working together or not, you’ll leave this call with clarity on what it is you TRULY want and what you need to do or focus on to make your dream real.

You can apply for a Free Soar Session here.

I’ll let you know if you receive a free soar session within 2 business days.

(Very limited spots available.)


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About Brigitte van Tuijl

I’m a writer and master transformational coach for women entrepreneurs. I show you how to make a big difference in the world without selling yourself short or changing who you are.

In the past two decades I’ve helped thousands of women get clear on their true dream and make it real. My clients have launched businesses globally, published their first books, doubled their incomes, and realized their most important goals and desires.

I’m the author of 6 books, amongst them The Art of Divine Selfishness – transform your life, your business & the world by putting YOU first and Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want.



❤️“Brigitte is not just a coach, she is not even just a very good coach… She is an awesome coach who has the unparalleled quality of creating breakthrough after breakthrough. I don’t know any other coach who can do that so fast and hitting the mark every single time.”

Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen

❤️“Brigitte is brilliant, intuitive, straight-forward, incredibly supportive and detailed.”

Jeanna Gabellini 

❤️ “No one can do what she does: she can support you in deep emotional processes and shifts; is there for you every step of the way and always challenges you to be even more true to yourself and do business in your own way. She’s sensitive, funny, resolute, intelligent, honest, brave, real, and walks her talk.”

Carolien Oosterhoff

❤️“Brigitte has a real & rare talent to get to the core of your issues super fast. She just KNOWS what’s important to focus on and bring to light – including things that are hidden deep under the surface, and you’re not even consciously aware of yourself yet.”

Karin Bosveld

❤️“Brigitte has been a great coach and role model for me. She’s deeply driven to make a difference, but never at her own expense. She models how to take care of clients AND herself like no one I know. Brigitte is 100% committed to helping you be the best you can be, on your own terms, in a way that’s best for you.

Else Boutkan

❤️“While being very loving and kind, Brigitte cuts straight through any BS, blocks, and excuses. She is amazingly intuitive and can call on her guidance to nudge you along your path in addition to relying on her training and experience.”

Lyerka Miller

❤️“Brigitte gets to the core of any issue fast, and always knows how to break through any difficulty with clarity and humor.”

Patricia Braat 

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