If you want to grow your business, you probably ask yourself: HOW?

How can I grow my business?

How can I grow it fast?

Where do I start?

What works best for ME?


If you want to know what YOUR biggest (and fastest) growth point is, all you have to do is answer this one question:


Where are you playing it safe right now?


Be honest.

What are you NOT doing that you know you ‘must’ do?

What are you doing that you KNOW has to end?

What are you NOT sharing, selling, doing, or creating – and you wish you had the guts to do it?

Where are you not showing up fully?

What’s calling you that you’re not listening to?

Where are you hiding?

What are you hiding?

What’s the ONE thing that makes your heart sing more than ANYTHING else? And are you DOING that? Is that your main focus now?


Where are you playing it safe?

Take a deep breath.

Focus on your desire to do it instead of focusing on your fear.

And DO IT.


Because THAT will bring you your biggest breakthrough, your fastest growth, and your deepest fulfillment.


Fly, baby!

Your wings are already here 😉


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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