Of course you want your work to be of great value to your clients. And of course there’s nothing wrong with working with dedication, as long as it feels inspired and doesn’t deplete you.

But here’s the thing: you don’t have to work hard to be of value to your clients or realize your dreams. On the contrary! You often deliver your best work when you don’t feel like you’re working at all …

When you do what comes naturally to you and you follow your inspiration, you’re in your zone of genius. Your work doesn’t FEEL like work, and because you’re operating in your zone of genius, you deliver the BEST value to your clients.

Unfortunately, when you feel like your work comes easy to you, you start doubting yourself and the value of your work. Are you giving enough? Are your clients getting enough bang for their bucks?

I experienced these doubts myself, and see them in my clients, too. I’ll tell you what I always tell my clients when they doubt if they’re doing enough:

Working harder does NOT mean that you deliver more value. It does NOT mean that your results will be better. It does NOT mean that you’ll achieve more. And it does NOT mean that your clients will be happier or get more value from working with you.

On the contrary! When you feel you work (too) hard for your client, this usually means one of these things:

⭐️You’re undercharging

⭐️You’re trying to push your clients into something they’re not ready for (but you need them to get certain results so you can feel better about yourself or feel more confident about the value of your work)

⭐️You’re taking on responsibilities that aren’t yours, but are your clients’ responsibility;

⭐️You’re trying to force, push and control things you have no control over;

⭐️You’re trying to prove your worth by working harder (somehow you bought into the myth that your value is determined by your results)

But the truth is this:

Your results aren’t determined by your ACTIONS, but by your ENERGY. After all, EVERYTHING is energy and EVERYTHING is created from the inside out. Yes, you’ll always take actions—but the best actions are always the ones that feel inspired and come from your intuition and deeper knowing.

The less you push and force yourself, the better you feel AND the better your results.

When you feel like what you do comes easy to you and you hardly have to work at all, this indicates that you’re operating in your zone of genius.

(Not always! You could be slacking off. But when you’re honest with yourself you usually know if this is the case.)

You don’t have to work harder to create more success, grow your business, or deliver more value to your clients. On the contrary!

The more you learn to operate in your zone of genius and work WITH your energy, soul, and flow instead of against it, the better you feel and the better your results. Usually, feeling like you work too hard is NOT a sign that you’re doing well—it’s a sign that something is off.

When you work with me 1-1, I help you explore where you work harder than necessary.

I help you let go of pushing yourself and allow more flow. As a result, you experience more freedom, joy, and inner calm. You thrive, your business thrives, and your clients are happier, too!

Ready to experience this for yourself?

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