When I first created a schedule that gives me all the freedom I desired, I couldn’t instantly enjoy it. I make a maximum of 4 appointments per week for only 3 weeks per month. Every fourth week is my hermit week, my appointment-free week.

It’s weird how I resisted enjoying it, right? I finally had all the space I wanted … and somehow it didn’t feel right.


Because the moment you have more time and space for yourself two things can come up that feel uncomfortable:

#1 Your beliefs around productivity and work 

When I suddenly had more time than ever, I started questioning how I was spending it. Was I doing enough? Was I productive enough? I felt guilty for having so much time and not making optimal use of it. I felt like I wasted my time and should DO more.

Not that I wanted to do more! I just felt I HAD to because of the stories about productivity and work I picked up from society. It took me a while to release these stories and enjoy my freedom. (And even after a couple of years, I would STILL wonder if I’d been productive enough that day …)

#2 Suppressed emotions and tiredness

Everything you suppressed comes up once there’s space for it. When you have more freedom and time, you suddenly feel how tired you are. Or you get sick. If you’ve suppressed feelings, pains, and emotions, these come up as well.

There’s space to heal and your body makes use of it.

I learned to enjoy my freedom and space, though.


By UNlearning habits and patterns that wanted to keep me busy.  By releasing beliefs and stories that told me I had to be productive. And by being very clear on how I wanted to live—and allow myself to live that way.

I love living a slow, simple life with lots of time and space to just BE. I don’t want to always be active. I don’t want to always be ‘switched on’. I want lots of time for myself. And I learned that the more I give that to myself, the happier I am … AND the better it is for my business, too. When I thrive, my business thrives!

This is an important part of the work I do with my 1-1 clients as well.

You get real on what you REALLY need to feel happy and what living life and doing business on YOUR terms looks like exactly. I help you get crystal clear on your deepest desires and help you fulfill them. Whether you need some simple mindset tweaks or deeper healings, I help you release what no longer serves you and embrace what you need to thrive.

You create more freedom and space and you experience that the same is true for you as is for me: the more YOU thrive, the more your BUSINESS thrives, too!

Are you ready for more freedom and to deeply enjoy it, too?

Check out my 1-1 coaching here and apply for a spot if you’re ready for a deeply fulfilling business and life.



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