On Sunday evening, I looked at my appointments for this week. Everything felt right, including an appointment I had with my acupuncturist. It had been a while since my last treatment, and it felt good to get another one this week.

Monday morning, I woke up and knew with absolute certainty:

I’m cancelling the acupuncture. I no longer need it.

Was what I knew on Sunday ‘wrong’?

No. On Sunday evening it felt 100% aligned to have acupuncture this week. I knew in my bones it was good for me and in that moment, that was true.

Somehow, something shifted that night and I woke up with a new truth:

I don’t need acupuncture now. My body is already on it. It knows what to do and it can do it all by itself.

This is not a ‘no’ to acupuncture forever. I may benefit from it next week, next month, or in 10 years from now. Or never again. It doesn’t matter. If I ever need it again, I will know it. I will feel it.

In working with my clients, I always teach them to stay aware what their inner guidance tells them in THIS moment.

When you work with me, you enter a deep transformation. And when YOU change, EVERYTHING changes. What feels right for you today may no longer be necessary tomorrow.  Clients that are ideal for you today may no longer be a great fit next month.

It’s all good. You’re not doing anything wrong, and there’s nothing wrong with you (or another!). You’re just changing.

Who you were yesterday is no longer who you are today.

This may change your truth, your needs, your wants. That’s what I tell my clients, and why I make sure they ALWAYS check what’s right and true for them NOW. It doesn’t matter what was right and true for you last year, last week, or 5 minutes ago. It’s about what you know NOW.

What is right and true for YOU now?

What are you still doing because it was good for you once, even though you feel this has shifted?

If you gave yourself permission to follow your inner knowing and what feels aligned for you today, which what would you change, cancel, let go, or start doing?



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