You don’t have to think anything through.

You don’t have to plan anything.

You don’t have to know where you’re going.

You don’t need a vision or a goal.

You don’t need to seek solutions.

You don’t have to chase anything.

You don’t have to make anything happen.

You only have to BE.

To be quiet, so you notice what your intuition tells you.

To be still, so you connect to your TRUE desires.

To be present to this moment, so you can hear what calls you.

To FEEL all your feelings, so you these energies (everything is energy, including what you think and feel) can flow through you and leave you lighter than you were.

To pay attention to what you already KNOW, to honor your inner wisdom and make that the center of your life (instead of getting distracted by the outer world).

To be your TRUE self, not the slightly muted version of yourself you became because of external influences, upbringing, heartache and disappointments.

And to take actions from the inside out, actions guided by your soul, your inner knowing, your deepest truths.

All you have to DO is to BE. Everything you need and any actions that are yours to take flow to you from BEING present and aware.

Forget about the outside world and what (you think) others want from you.

Forget about what you think you should do.

Forget about everything and everyone, if only for a moment, and FEEL:

What calls you? (Whether or not it’s on your schedule or makes any sense.)

What would bring you joy? (Whether or not it makes you money or fits into your business model or brand.)

What is it you KNOW is yours to do now? (Whether or not it scares you or feels uncomfortable.)

Be quiet.



The answers and guidance you seek are inside you, available to you 24/7.

If only you pay attention to it and have the guts to follow what feels right.

If you trusted your inner guidance completely, what would you do?


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