You do everything you can to get more clients. You’re consistent with your marketing. You follow a strategy you learned from a successful coach. And you KNOW your offers are great, so why aren’t you getting more clients?!

This is something I wondered myself, many years ago. I did the same as the other participants in the business building program I joined. Some sold out their workshops, others started a wait-list, and I? Got zero results. ZERO!

Over the years I noticed the same thing several times. I learned how to apply a certain strategy and saw others have great success with it. But for me, it didn’t do much. Until I figured out why.

I often see the same in my clients, too. They say they want more clients and sales, yet not much happens. It’s usually for one (or all) of these reasons, just like it was for me:

#1 Fear of visibility

You’re afraid to share your true brilliance. You make yourself smaller because it feels too scary to be seen for who you are and what you’re capable of. Because you secretly want to stay invisible, that’s the energy you send out. As a result, few people see you. (Even when you have a website, blog, and social media presence.)

#2 Lack of alignment

The way you try to get clients is not aligned with who you are. What you think, feel, want, and do doesn’t line up. You send out shattered energies and because of that, your results are shattered, too.

#3 You don’t want more clients (even though you think you do!)

You’re afraid your schedule will become too full. Or that you won’t be able to handle the extra work more clients will bring you. You send out mixed signals: that you want clients and that you DON’T want clients. The result? No clients. (Or having to work VERY hard for the few clients you get.) 

The truth is that it’s not your actions or marketing that get you clients. It’s your energy.

What you need is this:

A genuine, ‘clean’ desire to serve more clients. You don’t have contradicting energies or fears that stand in the way of receiving clients. From this desire, you follow your intuition, no matter what. You act on your intuition even when it scares you, you don’t understand it, or it makes you feel uncomfortable.

The more you love what you do and how you do it, the easier it is to attract clients, with or without taking action.

If you’re not getting the clients you want or feel you need to struggle or work too hard to get results, check if anything you just read resonates. 

⭐️ Do you love what you do and how you do it? (Including your marketing?). 

⭐️ Do you REALLY want more clients, or is there a part of you that doesn’t? 

⭐️ Are you scared to make yourself visible or share the real you?

Don’t be alarmed if you identify with all of the reasons! You can shift it all! I did, and so did my clients. Once you’re aware of what’s in your way, you can change it.

If you don’t know how to do that or still aren’t sure what’s in your way, I can help. Together, we uncover where exactly you’re out of alignment. (Because alignment is what it all comes down to: your actions, desires, energy, mind, and soul are all on the same page.)

I help you move through whatever stands in your way, whether it has to do with your energy, mindset, actions, or lack of clarity around your true desires. You learn to follow your intuition and how to let your energy work foryou, with or without taking action. 

Ready to learn how to create from your energy instead of working hard and being busy all the time?

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