I’m not always in the mood to do my workout. But I always do it.


Because I value my long-term health more than I value skipping a workout because I don’t feel like it.

What also helps is something one of the trainers once said on the workout videos I follow:

“Remember, you don’t HAVE to work out, you GET to work out.”

That’s a great shift in perspective.

The same goes for writing books.

Some days, I’m in flow and I love every second I’m writing. Other days, I’d rather skip it.

But the same principle applies here: I value publishing a book and sharing a message I’m excited about more than I value NOT writing.

I skip days where I don’t work out or write, of course. When? When I truly feel it’s best to NOT do it. My intuition always lets me know.

If I’m not certain what my intuition tells me, I apply the 5-minute rule:

I start writing (or working out), and if I’m still not in flow after 5 minutes, I stop. That’s a sure sign I’m not meant to do it.

What I NEVER do is force myself to do something.

It doesn’t work and isn’t good for me. It’s either the right or the wrong time to do something. Forcing yourself doesn’t make bad timing right. And if it IS the right time to do something, forcing yourself to do it takes all the joy out of it.

When it’s the right time to do something, but you still resist it, these powerful mind shifts help.

I came up with them to help me follow my inspiration and what’s good for me, even when I feel scared or uncomfortable about doing it. They can help you do what’s right for you, too.


I should …

I must …

I have to …


I give myself the gift of …

I allow myself to receive the blessing of …

I love myself enough to …

I get to …

❤️ What are you resisting that you KNOW is right for you?

Apply these mindset shifts and see if anything changes or softens.

(And then, do the thing you feel is the right thing to do now.)



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