When my clients tell me what they want, I always check if that’s what they REALLY want. Usually, it isn’t.

You say you want more clients, but what you truly want is to feel secure. You say you want more money, but what you long for is to feel safe. You say you want more success, but your true desire is to feel valued.

If you can’t find a sense of security or safety within yourself now, more clients and more money won’t make you feel that way either. (Once you get the money and clients you want, you’ll start to worry that your stream of clients will dry up or you’ll lose your money.) 

If you don’t value yourself, more success won’t suddenly make you feel valued. 

NOTHING outside of you can change how you feel on the inside. It works the other way around: the ONLY way to change or experience something on the OUTSIDE, is to change something on the INSIDE. 

That’s why reaching goals can’t make you happy. It can only bring out the happiness that’s inside of you already. 

It’s better to take a shortcut. Learn to tap into the happiness, freedom, security, safety, prosperity, and abundance that’s within you already. It’s available to you 24/7 because your TRUE nature is all of this, and more! 

There’s nothing wrong with pursuing goals and dreams, as long as you don’t expect the fulfillment of them will make you happy. If you can’t be happy now, you won’t be happy then! (Or for a short time only.) 

So how do you tap into the happiness or freedom you seek?

By being present to and in each moment. 

By shifting your mindset from focusing on what you lack to noticing what’s already here. 

By releasing thoughts that make you feel bad and replacing them with thoughts that make you feel better, if only a little bit. 

By exploring what you TRULY want and see how you can experience that feeling now.

And above all, by shifting into a higher perspective, a higher consciousness. You transcend the limitations of your human mind and step into the endless possibilities of your soul, of the pure consciousness and awareness that you truly are. 

This is what I help you do. When you work with me 1-1, I help you uncover what it is you truly want. (It can be hard to figure this out on your own.) I help you see where you limit yourself and shift into a state of seeing possibilities instead because this is HOW you create the business, life, fulfillment and freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

I help you remember who you truly are and embody your soul, so you’re free to enjoy this human experience so much more!

The result?

You experience more happiness and freedom, and finally create the business and life you’ve always (secretly) dreamed of. (And your goals and dreams unfold with SO much more ease!)


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