I used to fear my power. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle it, or I might abuse it, by accident or on purpose. I didn’t know if I could trust myself with all my power.

I see the same in my clients. They often fear their power and don’t trust themselves with it either.

This is a logical outcome of thousands of years of suppressing women and their power. This conditioning taught us to shrink ourselves and believe that we’re powerless.

Even when no one told you this in words, this conditioning seeped in through your pores. It’s in your genes, in the air you breathe, in the stories you read, in the movies you see, in the music you hear.

On top of that, what power looks like in our world is NOT attractive.

It’s distorted and often cruel. It’s based on scarcity and inequality: the one with power rules over the one without it. Power is connected with abuse, control, and punishment. One person wins at the cost of another.

When you look at that you say: thanks, but no thanks. That’s not who I am and not how I choose to be! If THAT’S what it means to be powerful, forget it! I’m not suppressing another to lift myself up.

But that’s not what true power is.

That’s the distorted, unbalanced monster mankind made of it.

True power is compassionate towards self AND others. True power knows we’re equal, we’re all one. No one needs to lose for another to win. No one needs to be powerless for another to be powerful.

The power that creates sunsets and storms and galaxies and stars runs through you as well.

This power created you and it’s yours to create with, too.

True power is loving and fierce, respectful and clear.

True power is magical, beautiful, and wonderful.

It’s nothing to be feared. It’s something to embody and embrace.

You are SO much more powerful than you think.

Accept it. Embrace it. Embody it.

There’s no need to fear your true, raw, full power. When it comes from your SOUL, it benefits all. Only ego-driven, shallow power lacks compassion and love.

To your power and the magic you can create with it!



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