This week, several of my clients ran into some limiting beliefs around the topic of ease. (Letting things be easy is something I work on with all my clients.) One client wondered if something could really be that easy. Another client had an experience that disappointed her and said, “I could have known it was too good to be true.”

Most people think business, making money, life in general, love, or manifesting a big goal or dream, can’t be easy. But why wouldn’t it? And why would something be so good that it can’t possibly be true?

It’s because we learned that life is hard (at least sometimes), you can’t get anywhere without hard work, and nothing worthwhile is gained without pain.

Perhaps you wonder if you’re worthy to experience more ease—if you believe it’s possible at all. Maybe you fear your work will be worth less if you work less hard.

Maybe you feel guilty when life is easy for you when so many struggle.

Perhaps you fear you’ll get bored when things are too easy (IS there really a thing as something being TOO easy?), or that you can’t learn valuable lessons if you never experience a hard time.

Whatever the reason, chances are that manifesting what you want can be easier for you. MUCH easier, even. That’s what see in all my clients, and what I experienced myself, too (and I always keep the door open for more ease—there’s no limit to how good, joyful, or easy life can get).

The first step to let things be easier, is to shift your mindset. That’s one of the things I work on with my clients. I ask them questions like these—feel into the answers to get a feel for how much ease YOU can let into your life:

⭐️Do you expect miracles to happen for you regularly?

⭐️Do you expect everything to work out perfectly for you?

⭐️Do you see problems or solutions?

If you’d like to manifest and create a business and life you adore with (much more) ease, start by answering these questions. Shift your focus and expectations. Become aware where you make things complicated (yes, you do that ;-)) and become curious:

❤️How easy could life be for me?!

If you’re not sure how to shift your mindset or how to allow more ease into your life, I can help.

Check out my book ‘The Inner Minimalist – clear the clutter of your mind for a simpler, quieter and happier life.’ 

Or allow it to be even easier and let me coach you 1-1. I’ll show you exactly where you make things complicated and are in your own way, and help you experience the ease and freedom you crave.



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