Growing your business is not about what you do. And you don’t have to DO more to achieve more. That’s what we all learned: you need to DO more if you want to achieve more.

What you DO is the LEAST important part of any creation. Who you ARE is key.

It’s all about your energy and state of being.

If you want to achieve goal X you need to BE the person who already achieved this NOW.

This is what that looks like. One of my clients wanted to grow her business and asked me how she could do that. I told her it’s not about what you DO, but about who you ARE.

Imagine that you’ve already achieved this dream, I said to her. Imagine the version of yourself who accomplished this. How does she feel? What does she believe? How does she act? Feel who she is and BE her and ACT like her every day. Be this upleveled version of yourself NOW.

One day she sent me a message that she made a great offer that morning, but no one had responded yet. Now what?!

I sent her a message back. What would your upleveled self do? Would she worry about this? Would she check her email every 10 minutes? Would she even think about it?

I helped her shift her energy and state of being so she could show up as her next level self again. She stopped worrying and doubting her offer and herself. She felt SO much better—and her results improved, too. NOT because of the actions she took, but because of the change I helped her make in her energy and state of being.

What does your upleveled version of yourself look like? What does the one who already achieved what you desire feel like, act like, think like, show up like? Is this the version of you who runs your business and life? If not, shift back into the energy of your upleveled version now.

If you need support to shift your energy, get out of your own way, and realize your dreams and goals with much more ease, I can help.

Apply for my high level 1-1 coaching for tailored support to create a business and life you adore in your own way, on your own terms.



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