It can be tempting to keep looking for the magic pill to grow your business, or feel more relaxed, or lose those last pounds.⁣
But often, you already know what to do. You just don’t do it. ⁣
Because you’re not ready to receive what you want or think you can’t have it. (So why try?)⁣
Because what you have to do scares you or feels uncomfortable.⁣
Because what you feel called to do makes no sense.⁣
Because it seems too hard. Or because it seems too easy. (If it’s too easy it can’t work, right? Right?!)⁣
You wonder why what you want isn’t here yet and what you’re doing wrong.
You search high and low for that magic pill, that perfect solution, that genie in a bottle that can grant all your wishes.⁣
But you already know what to do.⁣
You don’t see the entire way from where you are to where you want to be.
You don’t need to. ALL you need is to take a step. And the next. Your next steps are revealed along the way!!⁣
And that first step?⁣
You already know what that is.
It sounds something like this:⁣
Read that book. Crack open that online workshop you bought two years ago. Take a daily walk. Eat more vegetables. Fill out the application form for private coaching you’ve been eyeing for a while now 😉 (You can find it here.)⁣
Be quiet. Breathe deeply. Let your inner turmoil settle down.
Ask: show me what to do, soul! Tell me what step to take in a clear way that’s easy to understand and implement.⁣
Then, be quiet some more. The answer WILL come to you, right away or later today.⁣
Let go of your expectations of what the answer will sound like.
It could be something down-to-earth and practical like ‘drink your tea’ or ‘take a shower’.⁣
Do it. Then ask the question again. And again. And again.
Until you’ve learned to be so in tune with your intuition and soul that you don’t even have to ask the question to always know what to do.⁣
Whatever guidance you’re looking for, you ALWAYS find it within.
Stop searching on the OUTSIDE. Listen to your inner guidance instead. And do what it tells you.
You ALWAYS know your next step, even if it’s as small and simple as ‘drink your tea.’⁣



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