The other day I was sitting next to Arjen, staring out over the water, and I was hit with a sudden wave of deep happiness and joy … closely followed by …


Ever so slightly, ever so softly, in the background, but it was there.

I felt guilty for being so happy when so many are suffering.

I felt guilty for being healthy when so many are sick or in pain.

I felt guilty for being happy in love with Arjen for 21 years when so many ache for love and can’t find it—or lost the love of their life.

I felt guilty for enjoying freedom when so many feel trapped.

It happened in a split second, but I noticed it.

And …

I let it go.

My guilt serves no one.

No one gets healthier when I would get sick.

No one would feel happier when I would feel worse.

No one would find more love if I would have less.

No one would gain freedom if I would feel trapped.

No one would suffer less if I would suffer more.

I know I’m not the only one who can feel guilty, if only for a split second, for something they have that others don’t.

You might recognize it, too.

That’s why I share this.

To tell you that your guilt serves no one.

To tell you that it’s okay to be happy and get even happier still. That it’s okay to have a good life and enjoy your time as much as you can.

It’s okay to be happy even when people around you are not.

Your unhappiness won’t make them feel better.

The more you love your life, this world, your experiences, and yourself, the more love you have to share with others.

The more love you contribute to all.

Plus, remember that guilt is not who you are.

On the contrary!

Your true nature is joy, happiness, love, and freedom.

Let go of guilt.

It serves absolutely no one.



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