You don’t need resistance, pain, or struggle to grow

CAN you grow from resistance, pain, or struggle? Yes.

Do you NEED resistance, pain, or struggle to grow?


It’s a persistent belief many people hold onto. But that doesn’t make it true! It’s just what you’ve always heard, and you didn’t question it. Until now.

Just today, within a couple of hours, I heard this outdated belief that growth comes from pain from two different source. The instructor on my workout video yelled ‘no pain, no gain!’ And a business coach wrote in her newsletter that you need resistance to grow.

I used to believe that, too.

I used to believe that your problems allow for your greatest growth. I thought you NEEDED issues and resistance to grow. You can’t grow with ease, can you?

Until I hired a new business coach in 2012 and she told me I had a choice. “You can grow from inspiration or from desperation. It’s your choice,” she told me.

That comment struck me like lightning. You could grow from inspiration?! And … it was a choice?!

When she said this, it instantly spoke to me. It made me feel lighter. I could feel my body relax and open up. That’s how I knew this was true for me. Yes, it was possible to grow from inspiration. And yes, it was a choice!

From that day on, I chose to grow from inspiration instead of from desperation. Does this mean I never experience any problems, issues, or resistance? No. It doesn’t. And when I do, I always make sure to learn, heal, and grow from it. I never let a good opportunity to expand into a better, more beautiful life go to waste. 😉

BUT – I learned to grow from inspiration, too! That’s my main source of growth now. And that feels A LOT better!

My clients often think you need resistance, pain, or struggle to grow, too. They all want to manifest and live with more ease, but they doubt if it’s possible. Won’t they get bored? Can they still grow? Yes. You can. I tell them they can choose, and they all make the same decision: to grow from inspiration from now on. What do you decide?

If you’d like to learn more about creating and living with as much ease as possible, always expanding into more freedom, fulfillment, and happiness, I can help. Check out my 1-1 coaching and apply for a spot if you’re ready to create the business and life you’ve always dreamed of—in your own way, on your own terms, with as much ease as possible.



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