Sometimes you want something, but you don’t believe you can have it. Or you want to change a habit but fear this will be hard. Or there’s something you dread and all you can think about is how difficult this will be.

A great way to shift your fears and doubts is to become curious.

Say to yourself:

I choose to have this even though I don’t believe I can have it. I’m curious to see what might be possible!

I choose to break this habit, and I’m curious to see how easy this can be.

I dread this thing because I’m afraid it will be difficult. I’m curious to see if it might be easier than I think.

Then, let go.

Don’t think about it anymore. If you find your thoughts circling back to your fears or doubts, don’t make a big deal out of this. Simply shift back into curiosity: ah, I’m seeing problems again. That’s okay. I’m curious to see what happens when I stop thinking about my fears and let the universe surprise and delight me. I’m curious to see what can happen then!

Curiosity lightens your mood and opens your mind.

It raises your energy and makes it easier to let go of attachments and fears. You’re more in touch with your creativity and intuition.

And then …. who knows how good it can get!



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