Are you sharing your true message? All of it?

Perhaps not, because you:

⭐️ Think everyone already knows this;

⭐️ Hide your wisdom because you’re afraid to be criticized;

⭐️ Tone down parts of your message because it feels scary to share ALL of it;

⭐️ Adjust your language for fear of not sounding ‘professional’ enough;

⭐️ Are afraid to make yourself visible.

Maybe you think you have no message at all! But you do.

EVERYONE has a message.

Every opinion or idea you have is (part of) your message. So is everything you believe about the work you do. There are people who will be inspired by what you have to say. Even when your message is like that of others, it’s STILL different when you share it in your voice and add your flavor & energy to it.

I often see that my clients are hiding their gold for one (or more) of the reasons I mentioned above.

I always encourage them to share ALL of their message, in whatever way feels right for them. And they’re always glad they did!

Because the moment you share your TRUE message, what you REALLY believe in and just KNOW to be true, your ideal clients are attracted to you like flies to shit. (I was looking for a more elegant way to say this, but I couldn’t come up with anything and I don’t feel like looking it up.)

Your true message is VERY attractive to ‘your’ people.

And you never know who needs to hear what you have to say.

Tap into your true message and share it. ALL of it. This is your gold!

Even when it seems like no big deal to you, what you say might change someone’s life. (Or at least inspire them or bring them something they needed to hear.)

Your job is to share your message.

It’s the universe’s job to make sure the people who need to hear it will find it at the perfect time. You don’t have to worry about that. Just share what you know and feel inspired to share, and the rest will take care of itself.



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