Daydreaming can be a powerful tool that helps you create your ideal business and life—IF you do it consciously.

How do you do that? By imagining that something you want is here for you already.

You can do this by journaling or by closing your eyes and watching your dream, seeing scenes and images with your mind’s eye. (Don’t tell me that you can’t do that. If I ask you to think of an elephant walking through the jungle, you instantly have an image in your mind, don’t you? See?)

The conscious part of daydreaming means that you give yourself some guidance before you start dreaming. You can do that in several ways, for example:

#1 How do you want to feel?

Let’s say you want to feel relaxed. Close your eyes and picture yourself relaxing. Perhaps you see yourself taking a nap in a hammock. Zoom in on the details: the colors of the hammock. Sounds you hear. Feeling a gentle breeze. Focus on how you FEEL.

#2 What would you like to experience?

Perhaps want a new client. Close your eyes and imagine opening your email and seeing you made a sale. Imagine as many details as you can, like the color of your shirt or the name of the client. Again, focus on how it FEELS to see that sale in your inbox.

#3 What would you like to (be able to) do?

Maybe you want to feel confident during a sales conversation. Picture it. Close your eyes and imagine having a conversation with a potential client. See what your confident body language looks like. Hear what your confident voice sounds like. Imagine you’re a star at having great sales conversations and FEEL what it feels like.

It doesn’t have to take long. Daydreaming for 30 seconds is already powerful! Repeat daily and enjoy the process.

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