Episode 53 How to play your way through life and success, because it’s all just a game anyway (with Daniela Sulek)

On this episode I interview Daniela Sulek about playing the game of life. Daniela helps renowned leaders activate and integrate a permanent state of higher consciousness.

We talk about a topic very near and dear to my heart: how life can be filled with joy and is meant to be easy.

Listen to this episode and find out:

👉 Why we don’t always experience life as easy (and how it was meant to be that way);

👉 Who we are beyond the mind;

👉 The key to letting life be easy and experience joy and abundance;

👉 Creating from being versus creating from doing (the effortless way to manifest anything and everything);

👉 How powerful each of us is, and how we all create our own version of the world;

And much more!

Our conversation went deep, was fun, and touched so many essential points that you are certain to get inspiration from it—the exact inspiration you need to hear now. (Which will be unique to you!)


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