Since complete inner freedom is my highest commitment, I’m always busting beliefs that no longer serve me and are no longer true for me (and perhaps never were).

Most of the things we believe aren’t true.

The only reason we think they are, is because we repeated or heard a thought so often that we started to believe it. And many things we think are true are just things we learned to believe because others believe them, too. We listen to ‘experts’ and think they know better. Well, no one knows YOUR truth better than YOU do.

There’s no such thing as THE truth.

There’s only what’s true for you in this moment. What’s true for you today is not necessarily still true a year from now. What’s true for others is not necessarily true for you, too—even if the entire world population agrees that it’s true.

How I explore if something is true for me or not is simple: I notice how it makes me feel. If something makes me feel lighter and expands me, it’s true for me. If something makes me feel heavier and shrinks me, it’s a lie.

Here are two marketing myths I busted over the years.

Check how they make you feel to uncover YOUR truth:

#1 You must be consistent in your marketing. If you’re not, people will forget about you / it’s not good for the algorithms on social media / you’ll lose your momentum.

Yeah. No. All you have to do is follow your inspired actions. Sometimes, this may look like you’re taking consistent action, and sometimes, it won’t. It’s not your action that determines your results, it’s your energy and beingness.

#2 You must do marketing to get clients.

Yeah. No. You don’t. See above. If you’re inspired to do things you could call ‘marketing’, go ahead. I do! But if you don’t? You don’t need it. (I created a podcast about getting clients WITHOUT a website, networking, marketing or social media a couple of years ago. Listen to it here.)

If something makes you feel heavy, it’s a sign you believe something that’s off for you.

What would you like to believe instead? Choose that as your new belief.

⭐️ What beliefs are you ready to ditch?

⭐️ What new beliefs would you like to replace them with?




P.S.: What if NONE of your current beliefs about yourself, life, business, and the world are true? Ha! Does that idea liberate or scare you?

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