When I started my business in 2003, I was clear on who my ideal clients were, and worked with them only. But I didn’t know yet that your ideal clients change over time.

When I was still in the spiritual closet, for example, I sometimes worked with people who were unable to work with their intuition. They didn’t grasp what intuition was, didn’t believe they had it, or resisted talking about it.

But once I started talking openly about things like intuition and soul, I realized I could no longer work with people who weren’t open to spirituality. I no longer enjoyed coaching if spirituality couldn’t be part of it. I realized you absolutely NEED to listen to your intuition if you want to get clear on your true dreams and make them real.

That was the first of MANY changes I made to who my ideal clients were over the years. I change, grow, and evolve all the time. Naturally, so do my clients.

Now, I check about twice per year if there’s something that needs to change when it comes to my ideal clients. Since I pay close attention to this, I usually don’t have to make big tweaks (if any at all).

So, why do I do this? Why is working with your ideal clients ONLY such a big deal?

First, because why would you NOT? It’s your business, you’re the boss, and you decide who you work with. Why would you work with people you don’t love to hang out with?!

Working with your ideal clients makes you happy. This makes your clients happy, too!! When you love your work and work with people you love, you’re in your element—and you’re free to deliver your BEST work.

When you don’t genuinely love your clients, you’ll resent them sooner or later, if only a little. It costs SO much energy to work with people you don’t love! This negatively affects the results of your work and decreases your happiness and energy level.

Plus: your ideal clients are the people you’re MEANT to work with. At a deep, soul level, you are the perfect match. You’re perfectly equipped to give your ideal clients exactly what they need! Working with less than ideal clients ALSO results in less ideal results.

Working with your ideal clients only is THE best thing you can do for yourself, your clients, and your business. It energizes you AND your clients, makes you happy, and everything in your business flows better when you feel good.

This is why, when I work with you 1-1, we always explore if you’re still working with your current ideal clients. I notice that often, this is NOT the case. Because you feel guilty for excluding people, for example. You feel you can’t turn away anyone who needs you. Or you believe it’s unkind or not done to be picky about who you work with. Sometimes you simply don’t realize that your clients are no longer ideal for you. They may have been once, but they no longer are.

Together, we uncover who your MOST ideal clients are, and unpack any blocks you may have about choosing to work with them. You learn how to focus on your ideal clients only, and you quickly reap the rewards of this decision. Not only will YOU feel happier, freer, and more fulfilled—your clients will get better results, too. The value of your work increases, and everyone benefits!

This is just one of the areas we explore so you finally create a business and life you’re madly in love with—a business that brings you the fulfillment, happiness, and freedom you crave!

If this is something you KNOW you’re ready for, check out my 1-1 coaching here and apply for a spot if it speaks to you.



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