I always feel completely free. You may think this is because my schedule is pretty empty, but that’s not why.*

I feel free because I DECIDED that I always want to feel free—LONG before I even had my own business! I feel relaxed most of the time for the same reason: I DECIDED that this is how I want to feel.

The inner shifts and outer actions that were necessary to feel free and relaxed followed AFTER I decided that that’s how I want to feel.

Most people turn this around.

You may do this, too. Maybe you think that you can feel relaxed once you’re on vacation or that you can feel free once you hire an assistant.

Yes, this can help. But if you want to feel PERMANENTLY relaxed and free, you need more than a vacation or an assistant. You can be on vacation and still feel stressed. You can hire a dozen assistants and still feel too busy. True relaxation and freedom are an inner state of being. You can feel relaxed and free always—and this begins with making the decision that this is how you choose to feel.

Decide how you want to feel. Don’t think about how it’s possible or if it’s possible at all. Make the decision and expect your soul to bring you the path to feel this way. Then, follow your inspiration and intuition.

You may need to make changes to your business model or the way you work to create more freedom. You may need to let go of some stories and beliefs. You may need to start saying no and set more boundaries. You will know what needs to change along the way. Your intuition will guide you towards any actions you may need to take.

This is how you create anything, including more freedom and relaxation. If that’s what you desire, DECIDE to always feel free and relaxed. CHOOSE it. Follow your intuition and inspired action. And watch your inner state of being and your outer reality change.

Creating freedom and relaxation is a big part of the work I do with my private clients. I can help you make the inner and outer shifts to create a business and life you’re in love with so much easier, faster, and more fun!

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* I make a maximum of 4 appointments per week (usually less) for only 3 weeks per month. Every 4th week is my hermit week: my completely appointment-free week.

Want to know how I created this empty schedule and still grow my business? You can read all about it AND how YOU can create more freedom & do business in YOUR way in my book The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur.

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