Episode 50 From stressed entrepreneur to hermit heaven (with Zlata Brouwer)

On this episode, I interview Zlata Brouwer. For years, she had a very successful business, but she constantly felt drained, stressed, and overwhelmed.

Now, she has a completely empty schedule (she makes no appointments at all!), she’s happy and relaxed, and her business thrives more than ever (AND … she has 3 kids under the age of 3!)

Listen to this episode and hear:

👉 Why she wanted to make changes to her business for a long time, and why that never worked out;

👉 How she overcame those obstacles, and completely turned her business around (her schedule used to be filled with appointments 7 days a week. Today her schedule is empty, and her business keeps growing!);

👉 The most important keys to building your business around yourself;

👉 How she’s able to take care of 3 kids under the age of 3 (without bringing them to daycare or hiring a nanny!) ANDgrow her business AND have enough time for herself;

👉And more!

Zlata shows that you can build and grow your business in ANY way you want, and what helps YOU do that, too!

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