Releasing and rebirth are two themes that are up now.

Things are falling away. New things are rising. For me, most of what’s falling away are beliefs, stories, and ways of being that no longer serve me. What’s rising are new ways of being. How these inner changes will show up in my outer world, I don’t know. I’m open to be pleasantly surprised. 🙂

These energies of release and rebirth are always part of my clients’ journeys, too. They come to me to transform their business and life, and release and rebirth are always part of that.

Sometimes, all they release is inner stuff, too. Sometimes, outer things need to go as well, like a service they deliver or a friendship that reached its end.

In your life, release and rebirth at play, too.

For EVERY change, transformation or dream you wish to realize, something must be released, and something needs to be welcomed.

You can make this process easier by being consciously aware of what wants to fall away and what wants to rise. Journaling can help. You can use these questions I journaled on myself as well:

⭐️What wants to fall away now? (Or: what IS already falling away? Look at areas in your life where there’s friction, resistance, a lack of flow, or it just doesn’t feel good.)

⭐️What wants to rise and come through for you now?

Don’t overthink it. Write down EVERYTHING that comes up. It doesn’t have to make sense. Keep writing for AT LEAST 10 minutes WITHOUT taking your pen off the paper, not even for half a minute. Yes, this means you may write things like ‘Whyyyyy do 10 minutes take so long?!”. That’s okay. Often, deeper truths & insights come through after you got random thoughts out of your mind first.  

If you’re going through deeper transformations or want to make a significant positive change in your business & life, I can help make that process easier and more fun. I help you see what wants to leave and help you release it. I help you see what wants to come through and help you receive it. Check out my 1-1 coaching and apply for a spot if you’re ready to create the business & life you truly desire.



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