Feeling relaxed has NOTHING to do with where you are, your circumstances, or whether you’re on vacation or not.

It’s a state of being and a state of mind.

You relax when you let go of tension and trying to control things you have no control over.

You relax when you get present in this moment, and realize that in this moment, all is always well.

You relax when you learn to follow your intuition and co-create with the universe, instead of trying to push and force your dreams to come true.

You relax when you let go of your attachment to what happens, and why, and how, and when.

You relax when you realize that you’re SO much more than only human, and you remind yourself of your true nature: you’re pure consciousness expressing itself in human form.

You relax when you realize that thoughts are just thoughts and don’t mean anything besides what you make them mean. If you don’t hang on to thoughts, they float by like clouds in the sky.

Feeling relaxed, abundant, loving, joyous, at peace and free is your natural state of being.

The only things standing in the way of experiencing life this way are unhealed wounds and untrue beliefs. (And you can release and heal those!)

My highest priority is to enjoy complete inner freedom, relaxation, joy, and peace. I’ve learned to lean into life and relax more and more. And I’m always expanding my inner freedom and joy. There’s truly no limit to how good you can feel!

You can learn that, too, by practicing the state of being and mind I shared above.

Commit to ever expanding freedom and relaxation and be curious to how good life can get. And get ready to feel better and better!

If you need more inspiration and support, check out my book ‘The Inner Minimalist – clear the clutter of your mind for a simpler, quieter and happier life.’ It shows you how to tap into the freedom, joy and inner peace that are available to you always!



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