Episode 49 How to make yourself visible the introvert way (with Marloes Bouwmeester)

On this episode, I interview Marloes Bouwmeester. Marloes is an introvert herself, and an expert on introversion. On this episode she shares some great information on making yourself visible in ways that are completely aligned with your introvert nature.

Listen to this episode and hear:

👉 How what you learn about making yourself visible is based on how extroverts operate (which is SO different from how introverts operate!);

👉 How to let go of these extrovert ways of making yourself visible and find YOUR own way instead;

👉 The biggest differences between introverts and extroverts, and how this shows up in your business;

👉 How to find your natural way to make yourself visible (so it’s no longer something you fear but something you feel good and even enthusiastic about!)

Marloes shares great tips and information about introversion that really helps you in your marketing and visibility!

You can find Marloes’ book Natuurlijk Zichtbaar voor Introverten here (available in Dutch only).

If you want to receive the checklist to gather clues to uncover your Natural Advantage, just send an email to contact [at] desuccesvolleintrovert.nl

(This checklist is in English)

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