I can’t remember how often I wondered if I was doing the right things or was on the right track.

How often I thought that I should have been further along, why it took me so long to get my business of the ground or write my books.

Thoughts like that never do any good.

They wear you out, make you feel bad about yourself, and have NO constructive value whatsoever.

Most of my clients have doubts like these, too.

And every time they express these doubts, it’s SO clear to me that there is nothing wrong. That they DID nothing wrong. That they’re exactly where they’re meant to be.

Over the years I learned to see this in my own life, too.

In hindsight I could see that I was always exactly where I needed to be, experiencing exactly what I needed to experience, doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing—even though I couldn’t see or feel it at the time.

This taught me that I may not always LIKE where I am, but I’m still always exactly where I need to be.

Sometimes you need to be where you DON’T want to be to move to where you DO want to be. Sometimes you need to experience something shitty to open up to more love and life.

No experience is useless. No path is wrong. No moment is wasted.

Sometimes the old questions come up again: am I on the right track? Am I doing the right thing? Shouldn’t I be further along?

I no longer torture myself with these questions. I gently remind myself of what I know to be true, what I CHOOSE to be true:

Wherever I am is just perfect.

⭐️ What would change for you if YOU believed this, too?

(NOTE: believing that wherever you are is just perfect does NOT mean you have to like it or stay there!

You’re always free to make changes. And change, paradoxically, can happen easier and faster from accepting where you are than from resisting where you are …

Accepting opens and frees you, resistance closes you off and drains you.)



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