Exactly 2 years ago, I’d published 1 book. My 2nd book, Unmute Your Life, was on its way, and I was busy with the last nerve-wrecking phase of publishing it.

Since then, I wrote and published 5 more books. I published the latest, 7th book ‘The Happy Hermit’ at the beginning of June, and I wrapped up the launch today. With that, one phase closed, and a new phase began.

I closed the phase of dreaming to be an author, to publishing my first book in 2008, to struggling with my second book for 9 years, to publishing 6 books in 2 years. I now fully own that I’m an author—a prolific one.

I closed the phase of feeling weird and ashamed about being super introverted, needing LOTS of alone time and never having enough of that, to publishing a book about that journey that shows others how to create a business that’s 100% aligned with them. I now fully own that I’m a Happy Hermit.

I closed the phase of being criticized and, as a result feeling, guilty and ashamed about putting my soul and needs first and prioritizing myself, to writing a book about being Divinely Selfish (The Art of Divine Selfishness). I now fully own that I’m the queen of Divine Selfishness. 😉

There are more things I leave behind in the old phase. The old version of me. Beliefs, patterns, habits, attachments, identities, and stories that no longer serve me.

I achieved my (big) dreams & goals that mattered to me most over the past 10 years. And with that, an old phase closed.

A new phase has started. It’s not here yet. I’m in between phases. In transition.

I could ask myself: what’s next? I could explore new dreams and desires.

But I don’t.

Instead of always looking at what’s next and always looking forward, I savor this moment. I give myself time to integrate. To let it REALLY sink in, that I accomplished the things I dreamed about for SO SO LONG.

So today, I celebrated, by having lunch with my love.

I don’t have to look for new dreams or opportunities. They will find me at the perfect time. If there’s something for me to do, I’ll know it the moment I need to do it.

Today, I needed to celebrate. 😉



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