For the longest time, I didn’t feel like I belonged on this planet. I felt I took a wrong turn at birth and ended up on earth instead of on a blue blob 43 miles east of the Pleiades.

I didn’t understand how people lived. I didn’t think humans were very advanced. If, after all these years, we still treat each other and the planet the way we do, we didn’t evolve much.

I felt like I wasn’t made for life on this planet. I felt I was too sensitive, too different and too weird to fit in, let alone thrive. I didn’t believe that was possible for me.

I thought I shifted and released these thoughts many years ago.

But this morning remnants of these old thoughts surfaced:

The thought that I’m not made for this world. And that I play by such a different set of rules that I’m always on the outside looking in, always invisible, always behind.

As soon as these thoughts came up, they vaporized. And a new thought arose, crystal clear, out of nowhere:

“I am uniquely equipped to thrive in this world.”

HA! That’s the opposite of EVERYTHING I used to believe about myself for most of my life. This new thought changes everything! Before, I’d shifted my beliefs enough to realize that I’m supposed to be here, and I’m supposed to be exactly who I’m born to be.

But this new thought takes it further: not only am I supposed to be exactly as I am, but how and who I am is EXACTLY what I need to THRIVE!

This may mean absolutely nothing to you. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I feel it’s true for ME, and it changes more for me than I can put into words yet.

But I felt called to share my insight with you now. Because chances are that you, like most of my clients, once felt that you don’t fit in. Perhaps you thought that you were too sensitive, too different, too much, or too weird. And maybe you sometimes wonder if you should be different than you are.

If you recognize any of this, I hope my insight helps shift something in you, too. Because I want you to feel at home on this planet, in this world, and in your own skin. I want you to NEVER doubt if you’re good enough or if someone like you can THRIVE. I want you to feel like the world is your oyster and you can manifest and achieve WHATEVER you choose in WHATEVER way you like.

❤️ If you truly believed you belong, you’re good enough, and you are uniquely built to thrive in this world: what would be different? What, if anything, would change for you?

⭐️ If you’re not sure how to uncover the thoughts that hold you back or how to shift them, I can help. So you can create (inner) freedom and peace and can thrive in your own way, too—as a natural result of being true to all of yourself, in everything you do.

Check out my 1-1 coaching and apply for a spot if it resonates here.



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