I believe there are 2 main reasons why it can be difficult for introverts to be successful entrepreneurs:

#1 The old-school way of doing business and marketing is extroverted.

The idea that you need to be out there, constantly make yourself visible, show up all the time, and talk to / connect with loads of people is STILL something many people believe is required to build a successful business.

A LOT of the strategies many business- and marketing coaches teach, are based on extrovert ways of doing things. (They’re usually not aware of this, because extrovert ways are seen as the ‘normal’ ways of doing things.)

That’s why one-size-fits-all strategies to grow your business don’t work for everyone—they don’t align with everyone.

#2 Society in general is mainly extrovert based—still is today!

Being outgoing, mingling, forming little teams and working together in small groups, etc. These are the extrovert ways to learn, get ideas, etc.  But they’re not the introvert way! Extroverts get their best ideas talking it out with others. Introverts get their best ideas when they’re alone.

But that’s not how most schools, universities, and workplaces operate. As a result, introverts are constantly pushed to be and act different than they are. Don’t be a party pooper! Get out there more! Speak up more! Don’t be so shy!  

And so, you adjust. You try to adopt strategies that aren’t a great fit for you. All you’ve ever heard is that you should be and act different than you’d like. You do this in your business, too.


When you’re not true to yourself and your natural way of doing things, 2 things can happen. It doesn’t work for you, and your business doesn’t grow the way you’d like it to. Or it does work, but you constantly need to push yourself and, in the end, you’re NOT happy and you DON’T feel free.

The ONLY way to create the success you desire, enjoy the journey, and can feel happy and free, is by being true to yourself in EVERYTHING you do.

There’s not one way to grow a business. There are as many ways as there are entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter if you’re introverted, extroverted, ambiverted or whatever-verted:

There’s always a way to do business YOUR way and create success (whatever that means to you) as a direct result of being who you are, instead of in spite of who you are.

⭐️If you truly believed that you could be successful by being true to yourself and honoring your true nature in EVERYTHING you do, what would change for you?

Want to be true to yourself and do business in your own way, without changing who you are or doing things you hate?

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