Some of the things most people look at first when they want to create more freedom in their business, are for example:

👉Delegating more

👉Working smarter

👉Making changes to their business model

👉Exploring where they can save time

👉Making changes to their schedule

Exploring these areas contributes to creating more freedom.


You don’t necessarily FEEL freer.

Or you feel freer for a while until you notice that you’re working too much and need more space again.

Why is that?

Because true and lasting freedom starts on the INSIDE, NOT on the outside.

When I first started my business, I thought how amazing it would be to relax during a workday. How cool would it be to take a nap on a Monday afternoon or read a thriller in bed on Thursday?!

Being an entrepreneur and setting my own hours felt like HEAVEN! And … it still took me YEARS before I was able to FULLY FEEL free. I was either working harder than I really wanted, or I felt like I wasn’t doing enough—my bank account was proof of that, or so I thought.

It took me a while to create all the freedom I wanted AND deeply enjoy it, too! And it had nothing to do with changes in my schedule or business model—although that helped.

But I could only make these outer changes AFTER I made inner changes first. I couldn’t create the freedom I desired before I allowed myself to do so. And I couldn’t enjoy the freedom I created until I let go of all the beliefs, stories and conditioning that told me I should DO more.

True freedom starts by making shifts on the INSIDE. Your OUTER freedom will fall into place next.

If you want more freedom than you currently have, you need to make inner changes first, too.

Maybe you need to learn to say no or set boundaries.

Maybe you need to let go of beliefs around productivity or making money.

Maybe you need to get clear on what true freedom means to YOU.

Maybe you need to learn to let go of trying to control and be responsible for too many things.

And maybe you need to let go of or embrace something completely different.

You can’t always see what YOUR key to freedom is.

You can’t see your blind spots.

I mean, if you knew what you need to shift to create the freedom you long for, you’d have already done it.

That’s why I created something special and time-limited to help you:

A 1-hour private FREEDOM Call with me.

On this call I help you uncover the steps to create more freedom in your business and life.

These steps are unique to you!

You clarify YOUR path to the freedom you desire, and one or more practical actions you can take to turn your desire into reality!

I opened 7 spots for a FREEDOM Call.

These spots are the ONLY option to work with me 1-1 for a single coaching session.

Normally you can only work with me 1-1 via a 6-month coaching package.

I created this opportunity to celebrate the birth of my book ‘The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur.’

So, when you book your 1-hour FREEDOM Call, this is what you get:

📚Your 1-hour private coaching FREEDOM Call;

📚Recording of your call;

📚The e-book version of The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur;

📚The paperback version of The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur (signed copy for those in EU ONLY);

📚The master class The 5 mindset shifts to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur;

Your investment in your freedom is only 500 Euros* (or 3 monthly payments of 180 Euros each.)

You can book your FREEDOM Call here. (It’s called The Happy Hermit VIP option on the order form)

Available until Wednesday, June 22 OR until the 7 spots are filled—whichever comes first.

❤️What can you shift or do today to create more freedom for yourself?



*21% VAT for those in The Netherlands not included. 500 Euros is approximately 533 USD and 180 Euros is approximately 192 USD, depending on the current exchange rate

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