In my quest to create a business that gives me massive amounts of freedom, here’s the main thing I had to UNlearn and let go of:

The conditioning and beliefs I took on from the productivity culture we live in.

The stories that told me that, for example:

⭐️ you have to work hard to get what you want;

⭐️ you have to MAKE things happen;

⭐️ you can’t relax until AFTER you’ve done your chores;

⭐️ you have to DO more if you want to RECEIVE more;

⭐️ you need to be productive;

⭐️ your worth is determined by your output & productivity;

⭐️ your results & work have less value if you didn’t struggle or suffer at least a little bit;

⭐️ being busy is honorable;

⭐️ when you’re busy you’re doing well.

I can’t remember how often I thought that I should (or could) have been more productive.

How often I felt guilty for not doing enough or not doing the ‘right’ things.

But the truth is this:

We live in a world that has a VERY warped and outdated view on work, achieving goals, and manifesting dreams.

The way we’re conditioned to think about work, making money and being productive is A) driving us all into the ground, and B) no longer effective.

Our cultural views on productivity are false.

They’re the result of an unbalanced world that focused on favoring and prioritizing male energies and suppressing female energies.

And NO, this has nothing to do with gender—even though this bias also resulted in suppressing women and favoring men.

This has to do with yin and yang, with complementary energies that we ALL possess, regardless of our gender. Energies that need to be balanced (whatever your personal balance looks like—it’s different for everyone!) to be happy and healthy.

In our world, we’ve been focusing on qualities like taking action, forcing, competing, controlling etc.

And most of our views on what it takes to make money, thrive, or even survive, are based on those qualities.

But action is the LEAST important part of creating and manifesting.

Energy or vibration is the MOST important part. Yes, you can force and push and work your ass off to reach your goals. But that will ONLY work for you if A) you fully believe that this is the way to get shit done and / or B) you’re someone who’s driven by (or addicted to) adrenaline.

And when you’re an intuitive, a creative, an introvert, sensitive, and / or a change maker here to herald in new times and a new consciousness?

When you feel tired, overworked, overwhelmed? When you want to achieve or have more but don’t want to work harder?

These old ways no longer work.

And it’s time to let them go. This doesn’t mean you never take action. You still do! But you no longer force yourself to do things. Your actions are no longer driven by force, pushing, willpower and motivation. They’re driven by inspiration, soul, intuition, and a deep knowing.

You need to soften.

Open. Allow. Let go. Surrender. And let things unfold. Again, this doesn’t mean you don’t DO stuff. It also doesn’t mean you’re a passive bystander who just lets things happen to her. (These are all stories you picked up that you can let go of now.)

If any of this resonates with you, and you long for more freedom, it’s time to let go of your beliefs and conditioning around productivity and work, too—and all the other stories about money, self-worth, and more that are connected to this conditioning.

You can start by asking yourself this simple question:

What would you do today if you skipped everything you THINK you SHOULD do?

Notice the answers that come up. Notice the feelings and thoughts that come up. And just SIT with those. Feel your feelings and let them go. Observe your thoughts and let them go. Act on the answers that came up and feel right.

How free could you be if you let go of your shoulds and musts?

If you need help uncovering and letting go of the stories that keep you stuck in overwhelm and working (too) hard, I can help. Together we explore what you TRULY want and what your ideal business and life look like, and how you can manifest this in ways that are completely aligned with your personality and soul.

You’ll learn to follow your inspiration and soul, work less, and let go of overwhelm, forcing and pushing yourself. You create a business and life that give you the freedom and space you desire, in your own way, on your own terms.

Check out my 1-1 coaching here and apply for a spot if it speaks to you.

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