Yesterday, a dear friend asked me if I celebrated the launch of my new book ‘The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur.’

Yes, I did. In my own, quiet way: with a suuuuper long journal session on Sunday morning. 🙂

I know, that’s not the first thing most people think of when they think about celebrating something. But it is for me. Publishing this book is a milestone. And the best way for me to celebrate that, is to take a deep dive into what this milestone represents.

So, I took time to explore WHY publishing this book is significant for me.

It’s not because it’s my 7th book.

It’s also not because it’s the 6th book I published within 2 years—although that’s a milestone in itself.

But that’s not what matters to me most. No, what’s most important is the inner journey I traveled to get to this point. The inner obstacles I overcame, how I’ve grown, and how I’ve healed.

I used to feel guilty, weird, and wrong about needing so much alone time and often disappointing others by not being who they wanted me to be, and not doing what they wanted me to do.

Now, I wrote a book about how I built my entire business (and life) around everything I need to be happy, including my need/desire to be alone MOST of the time. In general, I just want to be left alone and do my own thing! (The phrase I use in my bio ‘I love people—in moderation’ is 100% true!)

I used to be scared shitless to share what I wrote.

The first few blogs I sent to my list kept me awake in a state of sweaty panic more nights than I can remember. And it took me 5 years to get the courage to write and publish my first book in 2008.

I struggled to find my own way to do business on my own terms—I never succeeded at implementing the same business- and marketing steps that brought others success but did NOTHING for me.

I knew how I did NOT want to do business, but my own way of doing things didn’t always work out for me—resulting in massive self-doubt and a lot of financial struggles.

But I never gave up.

I never stopped listening to my inner wisdom that told me that, underneath the self-doubt and the not-knowing, I was on the right track. I ALWAYS followed what I deep down knew was best for me—even though my results often seemed to tell me that I was doing something wrong.

I never accepted the cage my fears and inner barriers tried to keep me trapped in.

I never settled for a business or life that didn’t deeply satisfy my soul. I never settled for the easy way out by trying to fit into the norm, even though that would have saved me SO many rows, pain and drama growing up!

This book is the result of everything I learned, healed and above all, UNlearned since I started my business in 2003.

I am and feel free to be 100% true to myself and do business and life MY way, and I no longer worry what others might think or if something will work out for me.

Living life in complete alignment with who you truly are and what you really want is the BEST feeling in the world! I wish that feeling for you, too. That’s why I do what I do, why I am who I am, and why I write what I write.

If there’s a part of you that you try to hide or change, please know that you NEVER have to change who you truly are to create a business and life you’re in love with.

On the contrary! The more you are true to who you really are and what matters to you most, the more beautiful your life is AND … the better your results in your business will be.

⭐️If you allowed yourself to be ALL that you are, what would change in your business and life?

And if you’re an introvert like me, and you want to create your business in a way that fully honors your introversion and everything else you love and need?

My book ‘The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur’ is for you.

It inspires you to explore what your ideal lifestyle and business TRULY look like, and shows you the inner path to create more freedom, space, and alone time than you thought were possible. It inspires you to turn that inner foundation into a business that gives you the freedom you always dreamed of.

You’ll come up with YOUR own path to a business you adore, because there’s no thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.

You can read all about the book and get your copy AND a bonus master class if you purchase it BEFORE June 22 here.



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