This is the first chapter of ‘The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur.

Available: tomorrow, Monday, June 6!

The book starts with my journey from crappy hermit to happy hermit, then shows you how YOU can create a thriving business in YOUR way, too!


I have always needed a lot of alone time. I was happiest when I was on my own, immersed in a book.

I didn’t know I was introverted. I didn’t even know what that was! No one did. It wasn’t a thing when I was growing up. I only knew that when I came home from school, I wanted to be on my own.

People around me didn’t always understand or like that. They thought I was anti-social. Or selfish. My mother warned me that if I kept saying “no” to invitations to play outside, children would stop inviting me one day. I didn’t care. So what? I wanted to be left alone and read books anyway.

People were often disappointed when I didn’t show up at a party or I didn’t want to take part in a social activity. But I learned to stop letting their disappointment get to me. The price of ignoring my needs was simply too high!

By the time I got my first job, I knew how to make sure I had enough energy in my personal life, even though I was surrounded by people all week. My coping strategies weren’t very healthy, though: with alcohol and cigarettes I formed a literal and energetic screen between me and others. This screen closed me off from others’ energies and drama. Later, I learned to keep my energy high by grounding myself and clearing my energy field, so I no longer needed cigarettes  or alcohol. I also became a pro at saying “no” and setting boundaries to protect the alone time I so desperately needed.

By the time I quit my last job and started my business in 2003, my personal life was completely hermit-friendly: I never made more than one appointment per weekend and sometimes an additional appointment during the week. My partner and I were always together, but since we each had our own place, I could be alone if I wanted to.

My work life, however, did NOT give me the alone time I needed during the week. So when I quit my job and started my business on July 1, I was over the moon happy. At last! Freedom! No more people around me all day, every day! I couldn’t be happier.”

P.S.: the stack of books in the picture are my other 6 books. The Happy Hermit is my 7th book.



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