Last night, I watched a cheesy movie.

In it, 2 people have a conversation. A man asks a woman what she wants.

The woman goes quiet, looks at him, and says:

“I don’t know. I haven’t thought about what I really want in a long, long time.”

That’s an answer I often get when I ask people what they truly want.

They stopped thinking about it for different reasons.

Because they don’t think they can get what they want. Because chores & daily tasks took over, and they go through life on auto pilot. Or because they told themselves they already have a good life, so why want even more?

But there’s nothing wrong with wanting more.

Desires are callings of your soul, telling you that more is available to you.

More life. More happiness. More freedom. More fulfillment. More well-being. More love.

You’re not ungrateful or selfish if you want more than you have.

And if something calls you, especially when a dream keeps returning, whatever calls you is meant for you. Your soul wants you to experience it.

If it’s been a while since you asked yourself what you REALLY want, ask yourself that now.

You may need some practice tuning into your heart, your soul, and your deepest desires. Maybe at first no answers come through. Maybe your first answers are that you just want to sleep or want to go on a yearlong vacation to an exotic island.

Keep asking the question, and let the answers come up, even if they’re not realistic or doable now. You’re just practicing getting back in touch with your desires. Getting back in touch with YOURSELF. Sooner or later your answers will get clearer, and inspired actions that will lead you to achieving your desires will come up.

Your soul is always guiding you and calling you to the life you’re born to live.

Your desires are one way your soul is communicating with you, calling you onto your path.



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