Many years ago, one of my goals was to get more clients. I did everything I could to achieve that goal. I was doing the same things that had worked for me before and expected similar results. But this time … nothing! I wondered what was going on. I found the answer when I asked myself this question: Is there a downside to getting more clients?

The answer was a big fat YES. I wanted more clients, and at the same time, I didn’t. I feared more clients meant more hassle and less time for myself. I was afraid I’d lose my freedom and was NOT prepared to give that up.

When you want something and don’t want it at the same time, guess what happens: nothing. Even when you manage to take some steps forward towards you goal, sooner or later you’ll take steps backwards and end up where you started. This is more common than you think!

That’s why I always check if my clients REALLY want what they say they want, or if a part of them doesn’t want it at the same time. I always feel it when a part of you isn’t keen on reaching your goal, even when you’re convinced that you are.

If you’re not making progress on your dream, check if you’re 100% sure you want it or if a part of you isn’t on board. Is there a downside to achieving your goal? Is there an upside to staying where you are? Be honest. That’s the only way to find out if you’re unconsciously sabotaging yourself.

There can be other reasons why you haven’t made much progress but check this first. It’s more common than you think to have 2 opposite desires that keep you stuck!



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