I always knew I was a writer. I just never knew what I could write about. Until I started my business as a coach in 2003. On that day I knew that I wanted to write about the things I taught my clients.

Still, it took me 5 years to write my first book. Some MASSIVE fears were in my way:

A fear to make myself visible. I feared that the world wasn’t safe for me, so I’d best stay in hiding. A fear of criticism. A fear of failure. A fear of success. (Yep, you can fear failure AND success at the same time!)

Now, I’m about to launch my 7th book ‘The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur.’ Obviously, I overcame those fears. I still feel scared or doubtful at times. But it no longer stops me.

I overcame my fears by healing and mindset work. I shifted beliefs that kept me stuck. I focused on what could good go right instead of what could go wrong. I learned to BE with my fears so its energy could flow out of me. I learned a shit-ton of tools to move through fears and doubts and I used them all!

These tools come in handy in working with my 1-1 clients, too. Because ALL of them have fears and doubts to work through! My clients come to me to realize their TRUE dreams and create a business and life they’re in love with. And your dreams are entangled with your fears.

The moment you start to realize a dream, your fears and doubts wake up. EVERYTHING that stands between you and receiving what you want comes up so you can clear it, and it no longer holds you back. That’s the hardest part of realizing any dream or goal. It’s also the reason many people don’t go after their deepest dreams OR give up before they realized them: they can’t handle the fears and uncomfortable feelings that show up.

But your fears don’t have to stop you. The first steps to move through them are to acknowledge them, and to decide to move forward even though you’re scared.

That’s why my 1-1 clients hire me. I help you uncover their TRUE desires (you’re often surprised by them!). I help you unpack and release your fears and limiting beliefs. Sometimes with a little shift in perspective, sometimes with some energy work. I help you move through obstacles and stuck points and find flow and inner peace. As a result, you create more freedom, more joy, and a business and life you adore!

You can read all about my 1-1 coaching here and apply for a spot if you’re ready for your deepest dreams to come true.



P.S.:  My book ‘The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur’ is available on June 6!

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The 5 mindset shifts to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur

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