I was going over the e-book files of my upcoming book ‘The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur.’

I had some revisions and was writing them down, when I suddenly noticed I felt increasingly uncomfortable. I stopped writing and took a moment to check in. What felt off?

The answer was unexpected: I thought I was being difficult; I was too much; and I was asking too much.

These thoughts have NOTHING to do with the situation at hand.

I am 100% certain that I’m NOT over asking and I’m NOT being too much. This situation simply touches on old issues & conditioning around asking & receiving.

I took a moment to sit with these feelings, until the energy left my body. Then I finished the revisions and sent the email. It no longer felt uncomfortable because I dealt with the underlying feelings that were the REAL issue.

Most women have issues around asking and receiving.

Women often think they’re too much; they ask for too much, or they are too much. Or that they’re not enough or not good enough.

In working with my 1-1 clients there’s always a point where these issues show up.

They can show up when you want to raise your fees, for example. You’re afraid to ask for more (or you don’t feel you’re worthy to receive more), so you keep undercharging. Not feeling worthy or able to receive more also makes it hard to make more money, grow your business, or create more happiness, freedom, or fulfillment.

Realizing that an underlying issue around asking or receiving is in your way is not always easy. My clients often aren’t aware of it until I point it out to them. Knowing how to heal these issues isn’t always clear either.

Sometimes, some mindset work is enough.

Sometimes all you have to do is sit with the feelings and let them run their course, like I did today. And sometimes, you need something else. That’s why I have a mega toolbox filled with different tools that help you heal and release any inner obstacle that might be in your way.

You can’t see your own blind spots and you don’t always know the best way to heal yourself.

❤️If you felt free and it felt safe to ask for EVERYTHING you want, what would you ask for? Would you raise your prices? Would you ask someone for a favor?

❤️What would you ask from life, the universe, your partner, your kids, your friends, or your team members?

❤️If you trusted it was safe and okay to receive more, what would you then dream of?

Reflect on these questions. Your answers might surprise you …



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