Creating a business & life you adore is not a one-time project.

There’s no step-by-step plan you follow once and ensures your life will be amazing until the day you leave this planet. That’s not how it works. Creating a business & life you adore is an ongoing project.

You need to keep choosing what you MOST desire in your business and life daily.

What’s ideal for you can be different than what’s ideal for you in 6 months.

I’m constantly making tweaks to my business & life.

I grow & change constantly, so I always make sure to tune into what I MOST want in every situation. Mind you, I don’t always get what I most want. Sometimes life has different plans for me. BUT the BEST way to make sure your business and life are as beautiful as possible, is to tune into that daily. And to say YES to what you TRULY want and NO to what you no longer want as often as you can.

YES and NO are the key words you need to use consciously and courageously.

Saying YES to what you want can be scary—and so can saying NO. The more you practice feeling into your true desires and making conscious decisions about what you say YES or NO to, the more ideal your business and life will become.

Start practicing now:

If everything would be possible, you’d fear nothing, and everything would always work out for you, what would you say YES to? And what would you say NO to?

If you like, you can start small and practice with easier choices like what you’d LOVE to have for dinner instead of eating whatever you have in your fridge.

And if you need help saying YES and NO, check out my book ‘The Art of Divine Selfishness – transform your life, your business & the world by putting YOU first.’

It gives you the mindset and practical tips you need to choose your most desired life and prioritize your soul, yourself and your dreams (and be of even greater service to others as a result.)

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