Episode 47 – How to unapologetically own who you are and what you stand for (with Erika Lyramark) 

On this episode, I interview Erika Lyremark. She’s a business coach and author of the best-selling book ‘Think Like a Stripper’, filled with business lessons she learned from her years as working as a stripper.

Listen to this episode and hear:

👉 Why Erika worked as a stripper in the nineties;

👉 How she went from working as a stripper to co-creating a multi-million-dollar commercial real-estate investment company to working as a business coach;

👉 How to (practice to) become more confident;

👉 How to become unapologetically yourself and take a stand for what you believe in;

👉And more!

I loved our conversation*, Erika’s story, and the super easy to implement tips she so generously shared.

You can find Erika and more information on her free business coaching here.

You can order her book Think Like a Stripper here.

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*P.S.: Erika was enthusiastic about our conversation, too, and gave me this testimonial for my role as host:

“When Brigitte invited me to be a podcast guest, I was not expecting to have the kind of experience that I did. I’ve been interviewed so many times and so many of them give off the vibe that they’re just getting through it. They’ve got their laundry list of questions, you’re just the next person they interview.

This was NOT the feeling I felt with Brigitte. It was more like an energetic recalibration than an interview. I felt seen, heard and acknowledged and left our time together on cloud 9.

The gift of presence is rare, and Brigitte has the gift.

Erika Lyremark

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