When I started my business, I made sure to create it as ideally as I possibly could. I worked with my ideal clients only. I was strict with my boundaries with calls and appointments. But I still got to a point where I was busier than I liked.

My schedule filled up quickly, and this left me with too little space and alone time. I needed room to breathe!

Every time my schedule felt too busy, I stopped taking on new clients. I created more time for myself, which felt great! But because I only sold 1-1 coaching, fewer clients meant less income. So now, I had financial stress. To relieve that stress, I took on more clients. But then I felt restricted, and lowered the number of clients, which lead to financial stress again.

This cycle lasted for years. I either had enough freedom OR I had enough money. I was never 100% happy. But I thought that this was just the price I had to pay for being introverted. I still had MUCH more freedom than when I had a job. And my business was already 90% ideal for me. So, I guessed this was it. This was apparently all that was possible for me.

Until one day I realized I was DONE settling. I didn’t want to choose between freedom or money! I wanted BOTH! I was no longer willing to tolerate a business that was not completely ideal for me and didn’t give me everything I wanted.

I decided to turn myself from a crappy hermit to a happy hermit—from someone who never had enough freedom, time, and space to someone who had all the time, space, and freedom in the world, and STILL grew her business!

The first thing I did was make changes to my schedule. I never made more than 4 appointments per week MAXIMUM! (And after a couple of years, I added a hermit week to my schedule: every fourth week is my completely appointment-free week).

I lowered the number of private clients I worked with; raised my prices; and tweaked my offers and group programs to make sure I lived my ideal lifestyle that made me happy and fulfilled. And most importantly: I made some significant shifts in my mindset and healed some old wounds that stood in the way of giving myself the life I dreamed of.

Now, my business is 100% ideal for me. And this is exactly why my clients come to me. You see me do things in my own way, which is often (very) different from what other business coaches preach.

You want to learn how to do business in YOUR own way, too, because the way others do it, just doesn’t work for you. (You often experienced that more than once.)

You are ready to create a business and lifestyle that are 100% ideal for YOU—and that’s what I help you do.

I know you want to believe that YOU can have it all in your business, too.

If you’re ready to make changes to finally create a business and a schedule that feels spacious and free (while still growing your business!), I would love to support you!

Read all about my 1-1 coaching and apply for a spot here.



P.S.: If you’d like to learn more about my journey from crappy hermit to happy hermit and exactly how I created a business that fits me like a glove, keep an eye out for my upcoming book ‘The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur’.

Expected: June 6!

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