What you think you want isn’t always what you REALLY want—it’s often what you think you can get.

You settle for something less without even knowing it!

Most of us learned to settle and compromise.

Perhaps you didn’t want to go to school but had to go anyway. You didn’t feel like visiting aunt Jo but had to tag along. You asked for a pony but got a puzzle.

This showed you that your desires aren’t always fulfilled. Your life experience taught you that really wanting something was no guarantee that you would get it.

To save yourself from more disappointments, you (unconsciously!) learned to settle. You stopped focusing on your true desires and aimed for what you thought was possible instead.

This is how you lost touch with your desires.

Reconnecting with them takes PRACTICE. The best way to do that is by tuning into what you TRULY want daily. Don’t just slap on some clothes. Instead, take a moment to ask yourself if there’s something in your wardrobe that calls to you. Don’t grab a random tea bag from your cupboard but take a moment to FEEL which tea you’re really in the mood for. (And if you want tea at all.)

Recognizing your TRUE dreams often takes practice.

Know that this is normal and start practicing now. What is it you REALLY want to experience or feel today? Feel. Notice what comes up, what you feel in your body, which thoughts show up. No judgments. Just be curious. You don’t have to make any decisions based on what comes up. You’re just practicing getting back in touch with your wants. Repeat daily, act on what you notice when you can, and watch your life transform.

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