Sometimes a client asks me:

“What should I do? I learned from businessperson X that I should do THIS thing in my marketing, but now I hear businessperson Y say that you should do THAT thing in your marketing. What do you think is best? What would you do?”

My answer is always the same:

How does it feel for YOU? What feels right for YOU?

What does your soul, your intuition, your inner wisdom, your heart, or your body tell you?

What feels true to YOU?

Your answers are always, and ONLY, found within yourself. Your truth is always, and ONLY, found within yourself.

Whether the topic is marketing, health, money, sales, which car or mortgage is perfect for you, in the end the ONLY one who knows what’s best for you is YOU.

Yes, ask for advice. Yes, consult experts. But never ever EVER let them decide what’s best for you. They don’t know. They can’t know!

There simply is no one-size-fits-all in ANY situation.

Not in business. Not in health. Not in well-being.

What’s good for me can be bad for you. What’s good for my health may kill you. (Peanuts, anyone?) What works for me may backfire for you. What’s true for me may be a lie for you.

Always, always, ALWAYS tune into yourself, your heart, your body, your soul, your inner knowing, your intuition, to find the answers and guidance you seek.

Weigh everyone’s opinions and advice before you act on it.

ONLY act on it when it feels perfectly aligned with your truth.

Always. Honor. What’s. True. For. YOU. Even when no one else does it that way. Even when others try to force or manipulate you to get you to do what they want you to do.

ALWAYS listen to yourself, and make sure that whatever you do aligns 100% with YOU—even when it goes against ‘expert’ advice, or no one does it this way.

If you took the time to tune into yourself and find your truth, what would be different?

What would you stop or start doing?





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