Even as a little kid I knew that later, when I was all grown up, I wanted to be free.

I wanted to do what I want, when I want, for no other reasons than that I want it. I pictured myself living in a way where I could always do as I please. Just like Pippi Longstocking!

I remember my dad telling me that this kind of freedom was great, but it was just not how the world worked.

“For you maybe”, I thought. “For me, it does!”

But I was in for a rude awakening …

After I finished high school, I started to live on my own and went to university. “This is it!” I thought. “My life of endless freedom has begun!”

Well … not exactly.

I dropped out of university after a couple of years and two unfinished studies. I hopped from job to job for a while and didn’t I love that either. I was horrified.

OMG! My dad was right! How could that be?!

I felt stuck for a couple of years until I turned 30 and thought, “Fuck this! This is NOT going to be my life!”

I hired a career coach to find out what would give my work meaning and fulfillment.

This was a very powerful move and a significant turning point in my life.

I realized that what I loved to do was to coach others who were ready to find purpose in their work and life. I got a coaching education and quit my job to start my own coaching business. And I haven’t looked back since!

I’ve translated my desire for freedom into every single aspect of my business.

It’s one of my guiding principles in every decision I make in business and life.

From my schedule to who I work with to how I structure my business to how I spend my days, it’s ALL guided by what I truly want and what would be most ideal for me.

This is why I love my business (and life) for 100% now.

Not 80%. Not 90%. But a 100%. Why settle for anything less?!

I know you’re ready for that, too.

And this is exactly what I help my clients with.

In my 1-1 coaching I help them create the business, money, and lifestyle that makes them 100% happy—in whatever way this looks like for them.

You can apply for your spot here. 




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