I always say that all you have to do is feel what each moment calls for and do that.

But what if you don’t know what to do THIS moment? What if you feel no inspiration, nothing calls you, and you truly don’t know what to do NOW?

That’s what I experienced a couple of minutes ago.

Usually, when I bring my attention to this moment, I always know what to do.

Not now.

I went through some options: I could eat something. Or do my workout. Or read. I kept coming up with new options, but none of them felt right.

Then, I remembered that the ONLY thing I had to do, was to BE with everything that was going on in this moment.

To feel what I felt. To notice what I was doing and thinking. I observed what happened. I realized how a part of me wanted to keep me busy because it felt uncomfortable to not do something, not know something, to be in a vacuum, not knowing how long I’d be in there.

The moment I surrendered to the fact that I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t feel like doing anything, I no longer felt uncomfortable.

I just WAS. And not knowing anything was perfectly fine.

That’s not what we learned.

We learned that living equals DOING. But living is about BEING.

When you can BE with what is, whatever it is, you will feel a natural urge to DO something at some point.

You will feel like eating an apple. Or drinking some water. Or peeing.

What if you trusted that if you don’t feel like doing anything, this means there’s nothing to do in this moment?

What if you stopped living from your head, always thinking about the past or the future and instead become fully present to THIS MOMENT and everything that IS in this moment?

Even when, in this moment, there’s nothing to do, nothing to fix, nowhere to go, and nothing to know?

Being deeply present can feel uncomfortable for a moment, but when you embrace that, there’s ALWAYS freedom on the other side of it. Inner peace. A lightness of being.



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