Every now and then I feel like I constantly repeat myself in my blogs.

My message comes down to a few key phrases I share from different angles and perspectives, but I never say anything truly new.

This week, I had that feeling again.

When I said this to Sarah Mac, she told me that repeating yourself is key to marketing.

You should say the same things over and over because people often need to hear them multiple times.

This is true not just from a marketing perspective.

I remember I was in Jeanna Gabellini’s mastermind 4 years in a row.

Every month we had 2 group calls and one private coaching session. I made notes for every call, so after 4 years, I had 2 binders filled with notes.

A couple of years later I decided to go over these notes one last time before I threw them out. I noticed something I hadn’t realized before:

I wrote THE SAME PHRASE in the notes of EVERY CALL.

It was written in ALL CAPS and circled in a different color EVERY TIME.

At 3 calls per month, 9 months per year, 4 years in a row, that’s 108 times.

(Not to mention the times I wrote the same phrase in notes from other programs with her I was in …)

I needed to hear it time and again. Without the constant reminders, I would never have gotten this into my system:

Energy trumps action.

Yep, that’s the magic phrase I kept jotting down every time Jeanna said it. It may mean nothing to you, but it meant everything to me.

The point of this story is that you probably feel you’re repeating yourself, too.

That’s normal!

You, like me, have a message that evolves and slightly changes but at its core, it stays the same. There is something you believe in deeply, something you wish everyone would know or understand, and so you share it regularly.

If you ever feel like you’re repeating yourself, DON’T let that stop you from sharing your message!

People need to hear the same thing often, until it sinks in. That can take as many as 108 times or more! (Plus, there are always new people who hear your message for the first time.)

To repeating yourself,




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